Saturday, June 19, 2010

the simple things...

It has been a great time of World Cup action for the past 10 days, and it is just timely that there are no major running and training events around this period. Without any need for planning, a few of us decided to just head down to the MacRitchie Reservoir (MR) to check out the distances of the routes and the terrain we might want to use for AHM training.

Simple Runners @ SgRunners anniversary

There was a hive of activity at MR, with the SgRunners Simple Run in progress. In the midst, there were a number of weary-eyed runners who endured a grueling early morning supporting the 'boring' England match. The few of us started our own run towards the Northern Trails, and out towards UPR and then to the main gate of LPR. Since I was running alone for stretches, there were some solitude moments which I shared with the monkeys from the forest area. It was great to bump into the aniMILES at their usual hangout area, and we had a good round of chats around The World Cup and overseas running races.

After I briefed John the route back to MR, I proceeded on to check out the remaining stretches up to the 8.2km U-Turn. It might have been due to the World Cup; I saw fewer runners on the trails and roads this morning. I completed the whole recce run of 16.5km to reach back to the MR Centre full of red/black shirted Simple Runners. It was great catching up with many friends from SgRunners, Team FatBird, Team Coconut, Bishanners, and other running groups, all under one roof.

Lots of laughter from stories about crawlers, walkers and of course, the World Cup again....haha. It was a nice time to get all runners together during this 'lull' running period, and we shared quite a few recent race experiences as well. An enjoyable run coupled with catching up with and getting to know more runners made for an enriching Saturday morning...the simple things in life are truly enjoyable and satisfying :D

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

NUS Hills Pleasure

With The Sundown and Operation NightHawk completed, a few of us found some time to revisit the hilly grounds of the Mt. Faber training area with SAFRA MF Runners. It was nice to see old friends and kakis at the SAFRA ClubHouse, and a number of FatBirds preparing for the Gold Coast Marathon also joined us for a scenic stretch.

We started along Depot Road, heading towards Pasir Panjang Road and then Buona Vista (99-winding turns) stretch. Priscilla, Johnny and Sunny was running along and chatting for a bit. I went most of the way with Sunny, showing him the route into NUS Hills. It has been some time since I ran this way, but I was still familiar, and able to show the way to the newer ones.

Because of the current World Cup season, my feet have had more rest than usual...I could feel the spring in them. Although the sun did rear its head, it was mostly bearable, with the occasional cloud cover. We chatted at various traffic junctions, and that made for the feeling of a shorter journey. We covered 21km in the end, 3-4km short of the planned route....but we were sufficiently satisfied with the workout on rolling hills.

We are already laying down plans to build strength and speed by training in that relatively hilly Western Hills region, with the approval of the FatBirds who found the run challenging and useful. We had a good round of chats with the SAFRA MF Runners, followed by a 2-hour brunch and kopi session with the FatBirds....a luxury we could enjoy while we are in the midst of the lull period, and taking our time to smell the roses, before the next Operations begin. I thoroughly enjoyed the run, company and of the more enjoyable pursuits of distance running and training with groups of friends and like-minded associates.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yes, the Beautiful game is here again. Every four years, this major sporting event will captivate sports enthusiasts and audiences around the globe, and Singapore is no exception. For the next 30 days, I will be sacrificing lots of sleep to soak in the atmosphere and immerse into one of the most exciting sporting action of all time.

The beautiful game, this time In Africa.

Let The WAKA WAKA Begin!

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sundown 2010: Dusk Has Cometh, NightHawks Have Conquered!

Highlights of Sundown Marathon 2010, Courtesy FatBird DO

It was the night of reckoning for 20,000 runners and marathoners, especially for the NightHawks who have trained and conditioned for 3 months. It was time to put into practice what they had diligently practiced and trial-ed, to complete for what many of them were maiden half and full marathon distances.

The NightHawks went prepared and conquered the night, beating the sunrise in no uncertain manner. Kudos to all of them for their grit, perseverance and commitment to accomplish one of the more memorable feats in their personal sporting history.

The Ultra-Marathoners were inducted into the Sundown Hall Of Fame with great pride.

The Full Marathoners completed their feats in Personal Bests and memorable finishes.

The Half Marathoners were in a league of their own, with a few sub-2hr completions, and many claiming Personal Bests and good finish timings.

Although I didn't this year, I had a ball of a time cheering and supporting all the NightHawk Trainees and FatBird Runners, all of whom I had spent the past 3 months training together and pacing with. I am heartened and happy to see so many of them achieve their marathon dreams, and especially memorable at this special Night Marathon.

Team FatBird and I congratulate all NightHawks and FatBird Runners for their outstanding performances at the Sundown Marathon. You have BEATEN THE SUNRISE. We salute you for your perseverance and commitment to accomplish your marathon dreams. Dusk Has Cometh, NightHawks Have Conquered!

Team FatBird and I would also like to extend congratulations to all our running friends and kakis on your outstanding performances, PBs and many Podium finishes. You have RACED THE NIGHT & BEATEN THE SUNRISE. *AWE-INSPIRING*

Facebook Photo Contributions From HC1, HC2
, LiLian

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