Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birds Fly, We Just Run!

Sharing an inspirational clip that has been making the rounds in facebook. This is what running can do to us....lose-to-win as some call it....and that is one key reason why Birds Fly, FatBirds Just Run!

Start Running Today!

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

i-Run With The Minister

This evening, more than 250 i-runners were joined by VIP Runner and our latest Team FatBird Runner, Minister George Yeo. It was an honour indeed for the team at i-Run as well as the many happy and excited i-Runners who were glad to see Minister Yeo don the latest edition of Team FatBird's Running singlet for the 7km challenge.

After a short presentation ceremony to honour yet another FatBird Runner, Mohan, who have accomplished 100 Marathons in August 2010, we set off for the various distances of 3km, 5km and 7km in very nice weather. The 7km group ran a steady sub 6min/km pace, clapping, cheering and waving all along the way, The photographers were out in full force, and even media were present for a short interview with the VIP FatBird Runners.

The run along Singapore River and The Esplanade were filled with sights and smells, giving the runners much encouragement and motivation all along the way. FatBird George was focused throughout the run, breathing steadily, mid-foot striking with an almost upright stance, all the key elements of good running form.

We finished strongly with a 40min flat timing for the 7km, a commendable sub 6min/km performance. All the satisfied runners were treated to cold 100plus followed by a gound round of cool-down stretches. The evening ended with nice group photos followed by nice dinner with more chats. Team FatBird would like to thank Minister George Yeo for an evening of excitement for all i-Runners. We look forward to having FatBird Runner George and friends join us for more i-Runs whenever he can find time from his busy schedule.

FatBird Photo Slideshow, courtesy FatBird DO

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