Sunday, January 29, 2012

ST Special Report: They RUN RUN RUN!

The Straits Times Special Report 28 Jan 2012

The Straits Times carried a Special Report (THEY DO RUN, RUN, RUN) ON 28 Jan about the growing base of runners pounding the tarmac, tracks and trails at all hours of the day and night, in many interesting routes around Singapore.  My Father-In-Law (FIL), 75-yo Soon Ah Chai was one of the featured runners (70s age group) as an avid runner who has been running 8-10km daily for the past 20+ years, rain or shine. 

Before I embarked on serious running some 8 years ago, I had difficulty understanding his passion and doggedness to run everyday in spite of the weather.  He ran in half-marathons, marathons and ultra-marathons, from Singapore to countries in Europe, USA, Australia, Asia.  He lost count of the number of marathons he has completed, but estimates he has done about 80+ during all these years.  I recall he even ran on all his children wedding days, save for that day when I wed his beloved daughter (she gave him many warnings prior...hahaha).  We never quite understood why he loved to run so much, and how he could sustain all those years of running without taking any breaks at all.  On top of his busy running schedule, he had a restaurant business to attend to, which made his feat even more remarkable.

Only when I started to run in 2004, with Beverly (my wife) following suit in 2005, did we understand his passion for running and why he never felt tired of that seemingly same route/distances he pounded on for most of the year.  We helped him to sign up for races and even went overseas together for marathons.  It was sheer joy to see him complete within cutoff time of 14.5hrs in the inaugural Sundown Ultra-Marathon of 84km.  Since then he had gone on to complete more marathons and if not for the constant nagging of his wife and family, would have done even more Ultra-Marathons.  

We bonded and became closer because of running.  Running has become a common topic whenever we meet (where in the past, we really didn't chat much other than the usual stuff about work and children), and my normally quiet FIL will become chatty with bright-lit eyes whenever the customers broach the subject of running, marathoning and all the overseas run conquests.  And yes, he even had a book written about his running passion in Chinese, which he would gladly share an autographed version with, for interested visitors to his restaurant along Joo Chiat Road.

Of course there are so much more to talk about this passionate runner, and all the inspiring stories and anecdotes from him, but suffice to say, he is a model for many of us runners new and veteran who wish to be able to continue to run, stay healthy, and have fun all the way into our 70s, 80s or even older.  With this Special Feature of runners of all ages doing something simple, enjoyable and health-enabling, we hope to see more runners embarking on this healthy lifestyle of...RUN, RUN, RUN!

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Running Clubs & Groups In Singapore

SLOG IT OUT TOGETHER: Straits Times 21 January 2012

Happy that Team FatBird is is mentioned as one of the largest running clubs in Singapore.

We are grateful and appreciative of the participation and support from all FatBird Runners and Members which helped make us one of the fastest-growing running groups in Singapore. Lets look forward to more great fun and 'happening' training and group runs together in the Dragon Year! GO, FATBIRDS, GO!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sports Bras vs Speedos: Running Statistics

Some interesting statistics of female and male runners in the USA.

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