Thursday, January 24, 2008

GE30K Recovery

My hamstrings were still tight and sore 3 days after the hilly GE30km run on Sunday. Went down to NUS Hills to meet with xdd, tktan, Passion, DO, DeepCruiser, StarDust, Freddy, Wendy, dkw for a recovery run at NUS Hills....madness....haha. Just as well, since Wendy, StarDust and Deep have yet to be christened and were looking forward to be certified :)

As all were early, we took the Haw Par Villa route, and as usual, got a good workout up the steep Vigilante Drive. It always makes my heart pump hard going up that hill...sweat broke...good! When the group had gathered, we moved along swiftly down Kent Ridge, and then along Science Park Drive. I took a short break, and continued on with Passion, Freddy and tktan.

Then it was along the Prince George Park's slopes....didn't feel so steep (after the 30km experience) haha....we bunched up, and before long, I could see wendy running very steadily up the last part of PGP. Gave a final push, and we were up the slopes looking down, and cheering the rest. Passion also looked very strong this evening, steadily chugging up the PGP slope with baby-steps. Wendy was determined to finish off the final 4km and get the coveted NUS Hills Run certificate.

The final bit was smooth and fast for all. Reached back to Guild House with a good workout, and treated to cut fruits and 100plus, thanks to the organizers tktan and xdd. StarDust nary broke a sweat, but still was happy to complete and be certified. The gals were jubilant as they found the course not as tough as before. Deep was happy with a wide grin. The rest of us were satisfied, and decided to reward ourselves with Taiwanese fare along the Pasir Panjang area. I liked the Taiwanese Beef noodles and 'Jiao Zhi' (dumpling). Lots of group photos, before proceeding to the carpark for quite an elaborate a certificate presentation ceremony. Well done, NUS Hill Runners!

Passion's Photo Slideshow

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At 5:46 PM, Blogger BobaFettish said...

Hi DR,
I tried out the NUS hillrun route as posted in your MapMyRun link today (10 Feb 08). I was wondering how the route links from Haw Par Villa to the end of Zehnder Road. Construction at the end of Zehnder Road seems have turned it into a cul-de-sac.

Happy New Year


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