Friday, September 19, 2008

Bowerman Series - The Katanas

I have had good experience with Nike's Bowerman series running shoes like the Vomero and the Katana IV. I recently received a pair of Katana Speed Cage which is an update to the very reliable Katana Cage trainers/marathoners. I have brought it for 2 short runs; the forefoot and heel cushioning were pretty ample.

(Air Zoom) Speed Cage

I feel that the Speed Cage is good for up to 21km. I am keen to bring it for longer runs to test its suitability for a full marathon...hoping that it can be recommended for some of the Marathon Pacers.

(Air Zoom) Katana Rac3r III

For the shorter distances like 5km and 10km, I had been saving this pair of Katana Racer, which has rather good forefoot cushioning. Since I am not too much of a heel striker, the thinner heel cushioning does not trouble me much, except if I run on hard concrete ground. I have brought it out for a couple of 8-10km runs, and it has performed very well indeed....close to my beloved Katana IV, which is into the 600km mark (and I still do not have the heart to retire it).

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