Friday, August 15, 2008

Nike LunarTrainer: Over The Moon

An enthusiastic Lunar Bunch

It was an appointment I have been waiting for in anticipation. About 15 of us gathered at Nike Singapore's HQ at Changi Business Park for a trial of the highly anticipated Nike LunarTrainer+. I have heard quite a lot about these shoes and its latest technology, and was just waiting to try them out. FatBirds were in the company of very fast runners; the likes of Vivian Tang, Lim Kien Mau and Ben Pulham. It was good to meet with Shirlyn, Jack from the shoes and events management companies, and a few other runners from the media.

After Glenn extended a warm welcome, and Sacha gave a brief of the technology and how Jeanette Wang used these LunarTrainers as her 'secret weapon' at Sundown 84km, each of us were handed our very own pair of LunarTrainers, all pre-packed with socks and a towel. My first feel of the shoes were 'WOW, they are so light'.....little wonder that a size 10 like mine weigh only 8.8ounces. We took some nice group shots in front of the Nike showroom, before assembling at the lobby for the 4.5km run around Changi Business Park.

My LunarTrainer: Out Of The Box

Initially, my feet found the shoes a little wobbly, like as though I had 1 size too big. As I ran, and the feet got 'moulded in' and took shape, I could feel the Trainers getting snug and comfy. The forefoot cushion was ample, and I noticed that all the runners were running very silent....very likely due to the single-piece cushion that helps to even out the impact force. Jancy and I had fun taking turns to snap photos of the group on the run, and we chatted and laughed as we all enjoyed the sheer comfort of the shoes. I realized that Nike might have a Marathon winning shoe this time...a good balance between the cushy Vomeros and the light, speedy Katana range.

I felt I could run long in those shoes without feeling strained or tired. I will be looking forward to take the LunarTrainers for longer runs of 18km-25km at ECP, and also to hard concrete surfaces at I-Run @ Promenade. After the run, all the runners were treated to some refreshments. I had the good fortune to try out the Nike Spider on the treadmill, and my short experience told me that this shoe will be good for short runs of up to 15km. I hope to give it a road-trial before confirming my suspicions.

Overall, the Lunar range is very good, and I heard great reviews from Ben Pulham and those who have tried the Racers. I just hope to be able to test the LunarRacer when they are available in my size. Till then, I should be bringing my LunarTrainers along wherever I go...hehe.

The Day's Highlights from Jancy's Camera

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