Saturday, October 08, 2005

New shoes for Standard Chartered Marathon

My new pair of Asics Cumulus II

After a late night, I woke early this morning to meet SAFRA folks and SgRunners DO at the ASICS warehouse. I was there to introduce some friends to the ASICS distributor, as well as to get some shoes for my friends.

There was a large crowd there when I arrived. Fortunately, I had pre-arranged with Eric to be there to provide assistance. Met David aka DO when I arrived. Ong, Jaime, Yean, Derrick, Patrick and his friends were there too. I myself tried the Landreth and the Cumulus, both the latest range. I settled for the Asics Cumulus VII in the end, as I felt it had good cushion all around, and also got good feedback from DO who had worn it before. DO also got the same model.

I look forward to bringing it for its virgin run tomorrow at East Coast Park with the SgRunners. I hope to bring it to at least 150km before using it for my marathon end this year.

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