Sunday, January 06, 2008

MR25 Progressive Run Series 2008 - 10km

I have been a MR25 member for 3 years, and yet have not done the 10km and 15km Progressive Runs. The 10km being the first in the Progressive Run Series for 2008 was also the final one for me to make my quota of 4 Progressive runs for a nice T-Shirt....anything for a T-Shirt, as they say...haha.

Having just finished ChiangMai Marathon last Sunday, and with the upcoming GE30km on Jan 20, I was planning to take this run easy, and soak in the competitive atmosphere, typical of MR25 runs :). Registered at 6.45am, and was pleased to get the nice bib....the run bibs this year for MR25 are very nicely designed, and serves as a collector's item for sure. Met up with many familiar faces like kk, Gentle, Prata, DO, Alvo, Ultraman, RealRunner, Raven, SealBoon, cfred, Neo and chatted for a good bit about our recent races...the crowd at MR25 races is definitely growing, and there were at least 80 people this morning (though about 60+ actually registered).

Brokie, as usual, trotted in just a minute to race start....a quick brief by Stephen Lim, and off we went. The Cheetahs and Leopards all chionged ahead....I started a little faster this morning too, in a bid to get warmed up in the cool, crisp air. Didn't see Kayano, Passion and the other seow and passionate runners...hehe. I settled into the race after about 2km, with Neo overtaking me. I could see cfred and Prata going strong in front. After a series of ups and downs, I came out from the approx. 4km Northern Route in 19min+...ok, regular race speed. Then it was up those chunky slopes, and could see the first runner coming back from the U-turn ahead. RR turned first, then TLR, then Ultra, followed by cfred, Prata and the rest.

I was focused in going up those didn't spend too much time cheering or waving at runners coming back. The U-turn was at the entrance to Rifle Range route....I took a quick gulp of water, before moving on. Gentle was just next to me then. I was feeling quite fresh, and was still conserving till I finished all the slopes...haha, kiasu lah. When I hit the entrance back into Northern Route, DO was telling me not to slack, and that the rest were way ahead of me. I did pick up speed a little from there, and moved quicker back along Northern the process, overtook a few other slowing runners.

Saw Sotong and Roonz on their ninja training, and they shouted for me as we ran past one another. I gave a wave, and moved on to finish up the final 2km. I was just trailing an Indian runner all the way to the end...finished in 46min35sec. I reckon the route was a tad shorter than 10km, probably 400m less, based on my feel and timing. Many of the runners felt the same way too.

It was an enjoyable run for me, and I was happy when Vincent mentioned we could keep the bibs. Chatted with the rest who came back earlier...cfred, Ultra, RR, Raven, Prata, kk, GuguGaga...first time meeting GuguGaga...nice guy. Prata was all excited about the upcoming Prata Run trial, and we were busy jio-ing people to join in. I had intended to run extra mileage after the 10km, but was caught up with all the yakking...and since all were lazy to do more, I too slacked...haha. It was great fun...and I did kill 2 birds with 1 stone, as Gentle rightfully suggested. Went home early, with lots of time to file this report, and do some CNY shopping lo :)

Distance: 10km XC__Time: 46min35sec__Pace: 4:40min/km

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