Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Velocity Christmas Run

It promised to be a happening and joyous occassion for the gathering of the largest turnout of runners at Velocity@Novena Tue evening....must be 30 runners or more. Many were first-timers to the VelocityRun, all decked in bright red, orange, green, blue, yellow, black and white running gear.

Trencen, PassionRunner and Byron had prepared thoroughly for this run, with Prata and other SgRunners throwing in lots of ideas. Each were given a red santa cap, which we all put on merrily. We ran and chatted excitedly towards Newton Circus, then Cavenagh Rd, and finally reached our first check point at Plaza Singapura. The Christmas shoppers and revellers were curious to see a bunch of santas and santarinas running about, scantily dressed in running gear lah...haha. Ripley was already there waiting with her camera...wah, how did she reach so fast? We posed for some great photo shots, shook some people's hands with seasons' greetings, before proceeding on along Orchard Road.

It was so crowded with people that we could hardly jog. The Christmas lighting along the street added to the nice atmosphere. The weather was great...dry after a day of rainfall....just a tad humid. We were joking and laughing merrily, wishing passerbys as we moved along. Ripley was also jogging along in her jeans, armed with her small cam....haha....what professionalism! We made a second stop at Metro Paragon, and took a lot more happening photos under yet another large Christmas tree. As we were about to cross over to Takashimaya side for our ice-cream treat, we were stopped for a parade of colorful 'floats'....what a spectacle...good that Brokie managed to capture them in her cam.

I was first in line at the corner ice-cream stall...meimei got the first ice-cream bix, durian flavour....I had the honour of getting the next, also durian flavour...then it was a mad rush of red-bean, durian, sweet-corn flavours to meet requests for bread, and even scoops in cups. All had fun shouting out the ice-cream orders, and the ice-cream man was busy counting the numbers...26 servings in all....ice-cream man was so happy....he mentioned he was a Mobil Marathoner some 30 years ago.....haha. We continued on, munching on our ice-cream as we walked towards Borders.

Weaving through the crowd was a challenge....along the way, I shook hands with The 3 Wise Men, and some other Christmas characters on parade along the busy Orchard Road pavement. The final group of Trencen, Prata, Mashie, Raven, cfred, SassyRunner and myself ran at a quicker pace along Scotts Road, then towards Newton...along the way meeting up with Brokie, Davidtch, and a few others before reaching back to Velocity@Novena with bursts of 'Joy To The World' to end a merry xmas run :).

A quick stretch down conducted by Cokiee, followed by a surprise Birthday Celebration for Trencen....a nice strawberry cake, with lots of photos with groups of guys, and of course with the babes too...hope his MHA doesn't read this BLOG lah....hehe. After a quick wash-up, at least 15 of us proceeded to the foodcourt for some more makan and yak-king....discussed a bit about the upcoming holiday MR25 recce and Muddy Grass Run, as well as the Animiles Run on Saturday....wow, lots of makan, very little run done this evening....but it was well worth the trouble to see all very satisfied and happy....the levels of endorphin definitely were high!

Photo Slideshow, courtesy of Byron, PassionRunner & Brokie

A Merry Christmas To All!

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