Tuesday, November 27, 2007

CBD Record!

Nicks attached to faces and bodies - courtesy Brokie & DeepCruiser

It was a record turnout at the CBD Run this evening...the final CBD meet Pacers training run before the SCSM. Many new and fast runners, especially the gals....many runners whom I've not seen in a while were back...and many more Pacers turned up....yeah! It was another dry evening.....good for a marathon-paced run. I tried my new PI tights, and found it to be rather comfy, although slightly tight.

The 4hr pace group had our usual members from last week, plus more.....quite fun, although many complained the pace was a little slow...hehe...but DO and I felt it was just about right at 5:30min/km. We did increase pace slightly to 5:20min/km for the final 2km stretch. Mashie has a slight accident, injuring her underfoot....hope that will not affect her run this Sunday. Brokie was running on oent-up energy, could hardly keep this gal within pace...haha.

Cobalt was just another man tonight....wow....he's all set for a PB alright. Yee Hua, TarePanda, littleAnt, wishbone, Burnz, Yankee were in the zone....they will all be ready! I really feel so slack going into this Sunday's race....which is not necessarily a bad thing...we shall see! Received the bright red marathon pacers tank top from Aichai after the run....just in time too for me to break it in once this Thursday....now I am not sure if I should wear my adiZero CS red/green to match the top....hahaha....funny!

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At 12:21 AM, Blogger Sling Runner said...

Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. That's a big group for CBD run. I'd love to join the run but it's difficult to make 7pm at Tanjong Pagar due to work.

All the besy for your pacing duty on Sunday.

Sling Runner


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