Friday, November 16, 2007

Easy Tempo...

Went down to SAFRA MF after a hard day of Brain New World...haha...a 14km tempo run awaited us....a good turnout, and the threatening skies held on well. I put on my new Adizero CS, and she attracted loads of attention from all the curious bystanders and jealous runners...hehe. I treated her with care, gingerly striking the forefoot at low impact points, to get her into the mood. She behaved responsively, and soon got warmed up. I trailed behind the pack for a while, as I felt her 'smooth' operation.

As we moved along Buona Vista Road, I picked up speed to chase after Beverly....she was on a speed trail....I had a hard time keeping up. Along Commonwealth Ave, I helped Bev refill her water bottle, before giving chase again. It wasn't until Depot Road that I caught up with her. After a much needed drink from the bottle, she sped away and me and CS trotted along....up the slopes, and finally back to ClubHouse.

A good performance by Adizero CS....the cushion was ok...the grip and feel still needs to improve when compared with beloved Speedstar...well, we cannot always have them all, yah? A nice enjoyable run in dry weather, good fat-burning workout, followed by yummy Kway Chap at ABC Food Centre :)

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