Thursday, October 18, 2007

Heavy Rain & Peking Duck...

The skies were gloomy and drizzling when I finally got out from my long day of meetings. I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it for the scheduled loops at Labrador Park, but managed to finish up to rush down. Picked Bug and Beverly on the way...we got changed and waited with the rather large group of MF Runners. Trainer Ong briefed about the change of route to a OTOT 7-lap run at Telok Blangah Hills instead.

As we ran out of the ClubHouse, the rain got heavier, and by the time we ascended to the carpark at Telok Blangah Hills, it was pouring HEAVY. We ran off with a very short brief to cover the 1km laps. I was fortunate to have brought along a cap, which was most useful in this heavy downpour. All the runners, including the gals, were gamely doing their laps in the midst of lightning flashes, with gusto. I did a reasonably hard pace, but did not feel it because of the COLD weather.

By the time I did the 4th lap, the rain was down to a mild drizzle, and finally stopped by the 6th lap. I ran with Bev for her 6th lap, before calling it a day. I skipped the stretching and went straight to the showers, and then home for a quick dinner. It has been quite a while since I did a run in such heavy rain....the last I recalled was when we did the MF 10km route earlier in the year.

Wednesday's weather forecast was for rain as well. Fortunately it was dry at NUS Hills, although a little humid. Doreen, Takashi and Jancy started off their 12km run first in order to make the Haw Par Villa route. I waited for tktan and Ronnie before going off on our own 11km route passing Vigilante Drive, the PGP and NUS Slopes. It was a nice run for me....I enjoyed running inside NUS at night along nice and quite enclaves, interspersed with a hive of activity of runners, football players, students, lecturers and many people just moving about. The rolling hills provide a very good variation to the runs, and the workout always help to burn off quite a fair bit of calories without feeling the effects nor after-effects.

I arrived back to the Guild House in 1hr4min, about the same time as what we have previously done for that route. Doreen went to pre-order the yummy Peking Duck, the prized dish we were there for. The gals did not bring their rubber duckies along this time, thus the wait was shorter and sweet enough for us to take in all those nice food in good time. Lots of nice chats about running and Japanese food....arhh, I enjoy having a nice social run and makan with friends anytime .

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