Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Lomantic Labrador...yup, thats the place for our slope repeats on Tuesday evening. Progressively, we have moved on to do 6 laps of that 1.4km loop, of which the slopes along the secret tunnels to the Olive Restaurant at the top are most challenging.

A large group of gals and boys gathered....the gals given a 400m headstart, with the boys giving chase. I took the first 3 sets easy, 8min+, and felt rather ok despite the rather humid weather. Started lapping some gal runners, but was also lapped by some speed demons in the 4th set. I took 2 water breaks at the top, and completed the 6 laps in 49min.....felt good that I did not pant too badly, despite being subjected to an afternoon of cigarette smoke in a private room...yucks!

Thursday will be at the Labrador Park again....just that it will be 850m flat intervals around the scenic seafront. Have not decided if I should go for that, as I have another appointment to rush to. There are LSDs at ECP both on Saturday and Sunday this week....I am more inclined to go for the Sat's Pacers Training session (paisey I haven't been able to be regular for their trainings), yet at the same time, very tempted to go for Sunday's interesting MF menu....aiya, choices, choices :(

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