Sunday, September 09, 2007

Babe Run

Babes before Shape

Its the second Shape Run...the guys don't get it...yes, its only for the gals, the babes...thats why I refer to it as the Babe Run :). I was there this morning to support Beverly who is attempting to break the 1hour mark for 10km, as well as to cheer the SgRunners running babes.. Bev was not really prepared for this run, but based on her recent AHM timing, I calculated she could do between 55min-58min for a 10km.

As I parked my car at Marina Square around 6.30am, Brokie drove up alongside with her friend and Ripley. Along the way to The Esplanade, we were joined by Meteor and Alvo, and then met a group of the SgRunners at around the Food Street area for some nice photo shots. Ronnie, Bee, cfred, ST, SassyRunner, Atomic & family were also there. The gals then proceeded to the start line for the warm-up session...a record 6,000 participants this year, many decked in the smart Nike orange running top.

I proceeded to position myself about 1km ahead of the start point, and along the way, saw Bug, Cheow12, tktan, aerosolcan, tekko, Teck Heng and a few other photographers laying in wait. Then it started, and I could see the very fast Australian runner, followed by Vivian Tang, and the front bunch emerged. I started my stop watch at the same time. leh-lio called out, then stazla, then fast second group. I was looking out for Bev in light blue top, and after a short while, spotted her. I ran alongside her on the inner pavement to get some photo shots. There was a guy running along too, waiting for his wife to emerge.

Bev hit the 3km mark in about 16.5min...good that she had banked in some minutes. She saw me running along, and I tried to keep a steady pace. There were times where I ran forward to take photo shots as she came around, and occasionally I had to do detours to avoid running tooo close to the participants. Into the Marina South Park area, and I positioned myself at a bus-stop to wait for them to U-turn. Spotted many familiar faces...Anna, stazla, Jancy, doraemon_red were the first bunch I saw....clapped for them and took some photo shots of them before waving them off...all looking very good...then came one Animiles runner (cannot recall her name), spotted Shirley from MF, then Ms., she has improved so much...then Bev came. Ronnie, Bug then came running in, and i showed them the strategic spot to take, as I went out with Bev.

By the 6km mark, it was 33min...I urged Bev to keep up the pace...she took a quick drink, a deep breath, and off she went the 7km, it was 38min+...she was averaging a steady 5:35min/km pace...very good. I continued to urged her on, and by the 8km she appeared to be wanting to slow down. With 2km to go, time check was 43min+...I was sure she will make sub-1hr by then, I then signalled that I will wait at the end point. I ran up to tekko at about the 9km mark, and asked him to take a photo for Bev. Tekko mentioned his MHA had just! By then, the 5km runners, or rather walkers, were making it very difficult for the 10km runners to 'chiong' as they were blocking the way. With 500m to go, I asked Bev to go all the way, and she crossed the finish in 56min+...very well done...a new PB and way below the sub 1hr mark for 10km.

We went to collect the goodie bag, before meeting up with the SgRunners at the Food Street area after. Roentgen and his sis, Loon were there. Eliza, Bubbles, crudestar, lilyelf, ST among those babes that were smiling about the race. Shutehelup and gf were there too, and Gentle and Mrs. Gentle were spotted walking across as well. Lots of chatter about the race, the nice weather, the lack of isotonic drinks, the nice running top, the not-too-good goodie bag, and other running related topics transpired. It was nice to finally meet Monica, Brokie's other running sibling.....and that completes the running sis trio...hehe.

Post-race satisfaction & smiles

I took lots of ramdom shots with Brokie's cam (since mine was already flat and quite old liao...I realized that someone fiddled with the settings, and all the photos turned out very blur...haiz) of the SgRunners running babes mingling....of course lots more were not present at the meeting place this year, but many new ones came as well....finally more group photos before we went to Marina Square foodcourt for more chit-chat and makan....Angeline, Roonz appeared as well. All the gals did well...Sassy 48min, Philip's prodigy 49min, leh-lio in 50min, stazla in 50min, Brokie 52min, Mrs. Tekko 55min, Mrs. Atomic 55min, Bev 56min, Meteor 57min, Eliza 62min.

More 'happening' photos from Brokie's Cam, Roentgen's Cam, Tekko's cam
Tekko's 10km Start Video

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