Monday, August 20, 2007

Recovery from cold...

Caught a cold over the weekend, and in spite of self-medicating, I woke up with a blocked nose. Decided to take a day off and went to the doctor's to get some mild medicine. Slept plenty, and by evening, I felt much better. Looking at the tapering week ahead, with the very low mileage planned at SAFRA MF, I decided to take my new Pearl Izumi SynchroFLOAT2 for her maiden run.

The shoes were cushy at the forefoot, and I was trying not to push off too much. Taking this as a 'recovery' run to sweat off any toxins from the body, I went at a slower pace, and letting my legs take a ride from the upper body. I could feel the calves more relaxed, and the cushion of the shoes provided good comfort. The sky looked gloomy, but the weather was so cool and refreshing... had one of the nicer runs in a while yet.

I hope my cold will recover fully by Thursday, before resting for AHM...not really aiming for any PB, just within a 5min/km pace for 1:45 will be alright for me this time. I have to practice running at a slightly slower pace consistently if I want to make the pacer team for SCSM....hope to pace for 4hr-4hr15min...anything out of the range will be testing my consistency and focus.

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