Wednesday, August 15, 2007

KK Training revisited...

SAFRA MF training is getting interesting, now with 3 trainers adding on to the strategies and variety. Tue evening had us doing Labrador hill repeats for the first time....very refreshing...It reminded me of last year's Mt. Kinabalu training where a small group of us had to run those 1.4km loops 10 times, with time trials thrown in for good measure...hehe.

There was a good turnout, and I asked Bev to do this as it would be a hard enough workout for her, yet not damaging. We did a 3km run into Labrador park, assembled for a brief by trainer Ong, and off we went for the 4 scheduled repeats. I tried to do an even pace, without too much of a push. I completed 4 sets at an average of 7.5min per loop, and since I was feeling quite ok, went for a 5th loop and caught up with Bev. She completed her 4 loops in 38min+, very good for someone who had never done those repeats.

I enjoyed the whole workout, and the weather was not too bad. Many of those who have done that for the first time expressed that the workout was tough....but satisfying... thats the nice thing about training in a group with a regulated programme... it makes hard work and improvements seem so enjoyable, and not painful at all... makes us want to go for more :)

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