Friday, July 27, 2007

Tempo Intervals...

Had another interesting run at SAFRA MF on Thursday evening, led by trainer Jimmy Chow this time. Quite a sizeable turnout, not surprising, with the impending AHM. Bev went down too, not before carbo-loading with a heavy Indian lunch...hehe.

The 13km route was started with a 3km warm-up jog from ClubHouse along Depot Road and all the way to the entrance to Depot Road. Then it was a 3km tempo run at 10km race pace for 3km up to Buona Vista MRT. We waited for the whole group at the junction, before proceeding for a 3km slow run along Commonwealth Ave, then followed by a final 4km tempo run from IKEA all the way back to ClubHouse. Most the of the runners enjoyed this routine, as it enabled them to moderate and run at the respective desired paces as required. It also helps all to learn more about running at a certain defined speed, allowing them to hone their feeling for pace.

My second time using Air State Run shoes...feeling was not bad, and cushion was good. Heard something from cm about sponsorship from some key shoe manufacturer which I feel should be examined more closely, especially on the terms of sponsorship and requirements of the Running Club and her runners. With the SAFRA Running Club'e membership and programmes gaining momentum, it is only natural that more sponsors are coming forward to offer tie-ups and arrangements.

Distance: 13km__Time: 1hr20min__Pace: 5:45min/km avg

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