Sunday, July 15, 2007

NUS slopes revisited...

Finally got to do a 20km run, after the many short runs I have done recently. The weather was pretty sunny, as the group of about 15 of us started off along Depot Road. I put on my Nike Vomero for its final few runs, as its 600km+ mileage is taking a toll on its cushion.

When we reached Pasir Panjang Road, I ran ahead as Jimmy and Teck Hou stayed behind with the other group. All along the way along Buona Vista Road (99 winding road), I maintained a steady pace, and at the entrance of NUH, I stopped to take a breather, while waiting for the rest of the group. Then it was up the NUS slopes, hitting Clementi Road, and back the reverse way up more slopes. The sun was coming up, and I was happy I had my fuel belt of Gatorade mix with me.

Fennel and Trevor was running strong, with DO and KKChin up ahead. I was happy to follow from a distance, and regrouped with them back at the entrance of NUS again. After another short breather, we ran on to Kent Ridge Park, and then to the tank on the hilltop. Saw Akira, who was leading a group of trekkers on a hike for charity. Runalone came along, and after a short chat, Chin Whatt, Fennel, DO, KKChin and I decided we stopped too many times, and decided to move on for the final stretch home.

The trip along Pasir Panjang was a little mental with the sun and traffic smog, but was still bearable. Not wanting to stop anymore, I proceeded at a steady, albeit slower pace all the way back to ClubHouse, overcoming the final slope along Henderson Road. Had a good wash up, and was treated to some 'happening' photos of DO in his pre-running days, along with nice kopi and toast at Ya Kun. The previous SAFRA MF Chairman, Tony, shared a lot of stories of older batches of runners. Adam, who had a satisfying run, was talking about the possibility of tying up with some of the major sporting brandnames to sponsor and offer discounts for SAFRA Running Club events and members. It was a nice run overall, and I am contemplating to do AniMILES next Saturday for a change...well, I shall see what the menu will be :)

Distance: 20km__Time: 1hr50min__Pace: 5:30min/km

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