Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rain, Rain Is My Bane...

The few of us were assembled at SAFRA MF, waiting for the rain to abate before we could do our 20km run. When the rain did not show any sign of stopping, we set off at 8am, under a light drizzle. It has been some time since I ran in the rain, and the last few Sundays were so sunny and hot....what a contrast!

I did the first lap in 55min, after much treading through water puddles and trodding up the slopes at Kampong Bahru side. As usual, running past the Harbourfront stretch was mental, and the final portion had runalone and Trevor leading the way back to the clubhouse. There was a group of runners decked in black/orange, running in a group...bumped into them 3 times when they were running in the opposite direction. Other then that, very few 'xiao' people like me lah...haha.

The second lap had me following Trevor from 25m all the was really good to have someone to focus on, as the stretch of road was really 'boring' after some laps round it. We ran a lot more on the roadside to avoid the water puddles on the curbs. The second time up the Kampong Bahru slope was tough...I just chugged slowly up, and was glad to complete without stopping to walk. Trevor slowed a little towards the end, but when I felt me moving up, he perked up and picked up pace again...both of us kept each other moving on, and I was able to reverse-split the 2nd lap in complete the entire 20km in 1hr48min.

Teck Hou had earlier finished, and ran back to pace Julie. Trainer Ong went for his 3rd lap...impressive. Fennel, KK, PS and Alber did very well to finish strongly. Of course runalone was already resting. Bug was seen in Ya Kun Kopitiam enjoying his cuppa, while waiting to go to the gym. I was happy to have gotten my weekend run in...really needed to burn off those excesses at last night's Father's Day dinner...and as I was washing up, had 2 more calls arranging for dinner on Wed and Friday evening...wah, more lah?

Distance: 20km__Time: 1hr48min__Pace: 5:24min/km

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