Friday, May 18, 2007

Pearl Izumi Running Shoes...

About 25 people turned up for the Queenstown track interval training. I was planning to do a reasonable workout, without pushing too hard. The weather was good, after the early afternoon showers. Sam from SAFRA Tampines was there for a few runners to try Pearl Izumi shoes. They looked nice, wears well, and pricing (at the discount given) sounded attractive. There were equivalent models that suit ASICS wearers of DS Trainer, Cumulus and Nimbus.

Did a 4km warm up run to the Queenstown Stadium. After a quick brief by trainer Ong, off we went for our first lap of 1.6km. I took my time to get warmed up, and finished the lap in my slowest time of 7:11min. Those who tried the Pearl Izumi shoes gave good feedback of the cushioning, especially the ample forefoot cushion...I must really try them out. With 3min rest in between, I completed the remaining 5sets of 800m averaging 3:10min...again, not fast at all....but I was glad I felt strong throughout, and made sure I have reserves to finish all 5 sets. Ran 4km back to ClubHouse, did our own cool down, and went to ABC for the famous fried hokkien mee.

ClubHouse - QST (4km) : 23min
Lap 1 (1.6km) : 7min11sec
Lap 2 (800m) : 3min19sec
Lap 3 (800m) : 3min13sec
Lap 4 (800m) : 3min08sec
Lap 5 (800m) : 3min03sec
Lap 6 (800m) : 3min09sec
QST - ClubHouse (4km) : 23min


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