Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ninja 'PT' along Rifle Range?

Met with DO and Bug this morning to do a trail run from MR to Bukit Timah Visitor Centre. It has been some time I did this route, and I needed to get my weekend run done today before i go for my sports massage. Because of the Schools' X-Country season, many students were seen gathering with their coaches for training and time trials in the MacRitchie trails.

After waiting for a bit to see if anyone else would come, the 3 of us started off at 7.15am. The pace was nice, and by the time we exited Northern Route, Bug was way in front, and I was just behind DO. The sun was in full blaze this morning (despite the forecast for pre-dawn showers) as I ran up chunky hill, and then onto Rifle Range trails. Having not run this area for a few months, I almost tripped and twisted my ankles quite a few times. The trails though not that soggy, were pretty rocky and undulating.

Was glad to come to Rifle Range Road, and took in the slopes quite well. DO and I reached the Bukit Timah Visitor Centre, and saw Bug on his return. There were lots of folks and families out in the nature reserves trekking, jogging and just gathering around. We took a quick break, and headed back along the Kampong Trail and onto Rifle Range Road again. Met a SgRunners couple doing Ninja 'PT'....heard the gal telling me PT meant Pak Tor....hehe....well...

The sun was out in full force as DO and I took the Rifle Range trails and slopes in our strides...steady but surely, we negotiated the many slopes enjoying the workout. Back along Northern Route, there were lots of Raffles and MGS students 'chionging' up and down the narrow passages, 'clapping' their hands to signal their presence...I watched in awe of their lean legs with high lifts, running like small deer...Soon, I reached the canoe area, and bumped into Taz, who might have finished his training earlier. Met PS and Alvin, Fahmy and many more familiar faces back at the MR toilets. It was a nice run for me, and with the satisfied workout, we proceeded to reward ourselves with famous Adam Road prawn noodles and chin chow drink...The sun continued to blaze into the afternoon...

Distance: 22km XC__Time: 2hr2min__Pace: 5:33min/km

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