Wednesday, April 25, 2007

MF Hill Intervals + Staircase

Did 5 sets of 1.6km MF Loop yesterday. There was another large turnout, and I spotted 1-2 more new runners. Cosmic was a surprise guest. We ran from ClubHouse along Henderson Road, up Morse Road, and started at the Mf Loop carpark. I did an average of about 8:30min per loop, which was just ok. I took a good lunch and bananas just before the run, and that gave me good energy to complete the hard run.

Went on to do staircases by the side of MF, and because the slope running down was dark, we had to climb down the 256steps after we have run/walked up. By the end of the stairs, my legs were feeling jelly...I shuddered to think how I climbed Mt. KK last year for 3.5hrs just to get to the summit, not to mention another 3hrs down....yikes.

Alan Chao (who did very well at the recent Mizuno MF Race) shared with me that the staircase (level 1) was his ninja training ground for his 'elite' team. He mentioned that if I were to do 3-5sets of the staircase running up, after each MF training run session, my timing for 10km will improve by 4-5min, and 21km will improve by 5-10min minimum....hehe, I don;t think I am cut out for that type of I am not one who likes stairs in the first place :)

5 x 1.6km Hill Repeat
3 x 256steps Stairs Repeat

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