Friday, April 20, 2007

Hammie Strain

As the committee members were involved in a meeting to work out details of the MF Challenge (maiden Ultra-Marathon run in the MF area), I was asked to lead the runners for an easy 10km run around the reverse MF 10km route. I gave a short brief of the route and off we went at 6.50pm. As there were some new runners, I paused at strategic turning points to ensure that they took the correct turns.

I took a slower, but more steady pace going up Morse Road. Elangovan was sprinting up the MF slopes, doing his Ninja training *faint*. Heard him telling DO that he won't be joining in the Mizuno MF 10km run this I wondered why he was training there for. Throughout the run, I had this naggy 'pull' on my left hamstring....must be my muscles getting tight to go see Neny soon. Waited at the top for the rest, before making a final run back to the ClubHouse. The MF Runners sure have improved a lot....Henry, Shirley, Thomas all were running a lot faster compared to the first time I knew them a couple of months back...I guess thats what the slopes at MF do for runners heh :)

Completed the run, and was trying to stretch my hamstring. I could feel the pain in them, not so much due to fatigue as I have not done that much running recently. It could be due to the muscles getting 'knotted' up, and pulling....hmm, I really need to be more hardworking to stretch.


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At 11:40 AM, Blogger bao said...

Where can I find Neny?


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