Sunday, April 01, 2007

SAFRA MF Location Run

It was quite a while since the last SAFRA location at Yishun last year. We had a nice time running as a large group of almost 100 in the Yishun Dam/Seletar Air Base then. Today was SAFRA MF's turn to host the combined SAFRA Location Run, where all members of the 3 branches come together to do a social run, in often scenic settings, at sight-seeing, smell-flower pace :).

A large turnout, especially from SAFRA Tampines....I was impressed by their tight bonding (in the words of DO). We were joined by Ultraman, Brokie, Vincent, SV and a few other friends. We set off for the 10km MF route, which were to be the route for the MF Ultra-Marathon Challenge in May. With 2 upcoming races in the Mt. faber area, there have been quite a lot of recent interest for runners to try out the legendary slopes in the area. I was running mid-pack, and slowly dropped back, catching up with friends from Tampines and Toa Payoh branches....we spoke about our Phuket Marathon adventure last year, some updates and gossips of running kakis whom we know of, plans for races this year, and other recent running-related happenings...very good intelligence from the grapevine for me...hehe

We took some nice photos on top of Mt. Faber, and at the Jewel Box. Many of the runners experiencing the slopes of MF found it a tough challenge they relished....I am sure many of them would have been hooked by the slopes, especially the ascent via Kampong Bahru...haha. They surely will remember this run for some time to come. After the 10km loop, we decided to do another 5km, pasrt of the Mizuno MF route for those who were to do the Mizuno 10km run on April 22. In a bit of a miscommunications, our dear Brokie went on her own to do the 5km run, leaving her boiboi Vincent in bewilderment....haha. Fortunately we found her later, and Vincent got his claypot laksa to calm his nerves...LOLZ.

I decided to sweep the rear for the remaining 5km run, ascending up Morse Road and going down Kampong Bahru. Some of the runners who had done the earlier slope, was finding the longer (but less steep) ascent tough. Cokiee, Ong and myself ran along to keep them company for most of the run back to the ClubHouse. There was a light drizzle to make the run cooling and refreshing. I enjoyed the slower-paced run, and took it as an opportunity to burn off some excesses. When we returned, most of the runners were having refreshments of 100plus, cakes, jellies and Shirlyn's famous 'Sng Pao'. Sam and Eddie were showcasing Pearl Izumi running shoes and apparel, which were interesting.

After wash up, a small group of us SgRunners and SAFRA MF Runners went to have the famous AV Claypot Laksa....yummy, i cleaned out my whole bowl of sinful laksa. Thanks to the committee of SAFRA MF Running Club for organizing yet another fun running event. Ultraman made rare guest appearance to play guide and photographer....thanks to sifu for his valuable visa time :). Thanks to Brokie, Vincent, SV and our friends for joining us to do this very short, casual run. I hope all had a great time, for I certainly had! Till the next SAFRA Location Run...

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