Friday, March 09, 2007

Recovery Week After HK Marathon

My legs were feeling much better already on Monday...not much fatigue this time. Had wanted to do a recovery run on Tuesday just to keep up the exercise routine. As Bev went out to open the gate at about 6.15pm, raindrops started falling. I heard it had been raining for the past few days when I was in HK...wah, lots of deprivation of runs. Because of the boring stuff on TV, I decided to do a quickie at about 8.30pm. Went out in my Speedstar (I had actually used the Nike Vomero for my HK marathon....Gosh!) and it felt cushiony and light. The night was cool and quiet as I ran a approximate 5:30min/km pace to complete was a shiokz run.

Since Bev didn't get to run on Tuesday, I ran with her on Wednesday around the 10km route. As usual I will add 500m to my routine. It threatened to rain, but held out in the end. I felt a little tired in the second 5km of the run, probably starting out a little fast, and still recovering from the HK run. Was spotted by taz running along Upper Serangoon Road stretch...haha. Completed the 10.5km route in 56min, and walked a stretch to wait for Bev. She came home in exactly an hour, not bad, considering she visited the toilet and waited for a few traffic lights :)

My new adiZero KAHA from HK

Took my new adiZero KAHA (bought from HK sale) for its maiden run at SAFRA MF on Thursday evening. It was a recovery run for the runners who just came back from the HK Marathon...we did a new route from Telok Blangah -> Tiong Bahru Park -> Kim Seng Bridge -> Fort Canning -> Esplanade -> and back the same way. Ended with about 12km done in 1hr10min. The KAHA wore very well, with ample cushion and spring, and felt very light. According to taz, this is a similar model to adiZero Breeze, which was the latest model (with the KAHA being phased out as the previous model). Many runners noticed my new shoes, and they have already lost count of the number of pairs of new shoes I have...hahaha. New shoes and running gear give me the motivation to run, and keep the running experiences very fresh indeed...NICE!

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