Friday, February 09, 2007

MF Runners 5km Time Trial

Having done a 3.2km time trial recently as part of SAFRA MF Training Program, we were scheduled to do a 5km time trial at the Queenstown track last evening. Quite a small turnout comparatively...not sure if it is due to the 'hard run' expected...hehe. I downed 2 small bananas before the run to ensure that I have the reserves necessary to complete :)

We did a 4km warm up jog from ClubHouse to Queenstown Stadium, and without much ado, we started off from the other side of the track (for an extra 1/2 round) 12.5 laps for 5km. I took the first few laps easy, and by the 3rd lap, I had already lost count. I was running alongside Wong, TLH, DO most of the initial 6 laps. As we ran by, cm would shout out the time, but not the laps...aiya, without knowing how many laps, I was lost for how to pace myself.

It was a windy night, and I could feel the resistance of the wind as I ran on the straights of the track. My throat was dry as I was opening my mouth to get steady breaths of air. I was lapped by trainer Ong and Teck Hou midway. When Melvin lapped me, he informed I had 4 laps to go, whilst he had 3...waah, I thoight I had 3 more to go only...I pulled back a little to conserve enough for the finish. A few of the runners lost track of the laps, and stopped with less laps when they saw the early birds finish. Ong and Teck Hou lapped me a second time, and I knew that I had 2 laps to go when they finished. The time then was 19min+. I picked up speed to finish off the final 2 laps, completing in 22min44sec. Not fast, but I was happy to have completed in reasonable pace with not too much pain.

cm said that I looked like I ran slow in the first half...haha, yah, I was being conservative...but it works for me. I normally need more time to get warmed up, and as the distance gets shorter, it gets harder for me to have a good average pace. I felt strong during the 4km run back to ClubHouse...hmm, maybe I didn;t really push hard enough on the tracks? It was nevertheless a nice workout for me, and rewarded myself with my favourite Red Rice Wine Chicken. One funny twist to this RRWC...the lady helper who had noticed me and DO taking this RRWC all the time, decided to try it out for herself. In the end, she ended eating it for 4 days in a row....she was HOOKED! hahaha... and she was quite sad when she said we had the last 2 bowls for the night, and she won't have any...I was really concerned if she could sleep last night....HAHAHA!

Warm Up Run 4km: 27min
5km Time Trial: 22min44sec
Cool Down Run 4km: 25min

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