Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kent Ridge Park

There was no recovery after the Pacesetters 30km weekend, as trainer Ong got down to starting the HK Marathon training. There will be about 1 month left for training, and we have to build up and maintain the weekly mileage, what with all the eating during the festive season and overseas trips :).

We went for a 12km run to Kent Ridge Park, and I did 3.5 loops of the slopes at Kent Ridge Park. I reverted back to some of my Chi Running techniques, to see if it will help me. I was careful on the downslopes as I did not want to have any problems to my knees, as many of my friends have started to experience after too many slope runs. Completed the slopes and had a satisfying workout, waited for the rest at the tank area, and proceeded on down Bukit Chandu when the winds started to blow strongly. The air was very cool, and just great for running. Fennel, Kumaran, DO and I ran together most of the way back along Pasir Panjang Road, and up the long, gentle slope of Henderson Road. Fennel, DO and I went for our favourite Red Rice Wine Chicken Soup/Mee Sua, while the rest of the gang went to the ABC market for the larger variety of food.

Distance: 13km__Time: 1hr10min__Pace: 5:23min/km

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