Sunday, December 31, 2006

Highlights of 2006

2006 was the year where I skipped many 10km races, and focused on the longer races instead. Joined in many new runs just as aniMILES, adiRUN, Nike Runaholics, Running Lab and CBD Runs.

According to my Cool Running Log, I ran a total year mileage of 3200km, and retired 3 pairs of running shoes. I have lost 1kg to a stablized weight of 64kg...haha.

I joined a new running club, the Pacesetters in KL...adding to my current running club memberships with MR25, SAFRA, SgRunners.

I did more MR25 Progressive runs in the year 2006, missing only the 15km and the 35km and organized a few runs for SgRunners; namely Heng Heng Run during Chinese New Year in February, Muddy Grass Run in the November period. Of course I participated in many SgRunner's runs, topping off with The Wedding Run.

I was more focused on a few key races this year, and completed the following key events, mostly improving on my timings in 2005:

March: Did my second full marathon in KL, and did my first sub-4hr marathon in 3hr51min. Very memorable overnight train ride with the SgRunners, and back in a luxury coach I so enjoyed.

Had the honour to be involved in the first World Harmony Run organized in Singapore. Visited many significant places of worship to pray for peace and harmony, ran for 7hours and had loads of fun.

Did my first vertical marathon (NTU National VM) at the 43 storey Suntec City. Recorded a time of 7m38s, but was disappointed that there were no sights to behold when I reached the top.

May: Went up to KL for the second time this year for the NB Pacesetters 15km race. Completed the hilly race in 1hr9min, a respectable time for that course. It was my first treat to the good organization and hospitality of Pacesetters, as well the nice carnival atmosphere. Had a good time with my running friends at SgRunners, as we swore we sould be back next year for more PaceSetters races.

June: Went with the family and SAFRA TP gang to Phuket, and did my third full marathon. Scored a new PB in a hilly and hot course, with a time of 3hr48min.

July: Went to Mt. Kinabalu for the first time in a recce trip for the World' Toughest Mountain Race. The air was cool and crisp, and I experienced lots of stairs climbing and the beauty of the sights from atop.

Sep: Did my first half marathon for the year, and third ever 21.1km. Scored a PB on a new AHM course with a time of 1hr41min. Didn't quite enjoy the run with lots of traffic stops.

Completed my second 10km Public Service Run at the Bedok Reservoir area. Time taken was 46:45min, very similar to what I did in 2005. Just like the previous year, we adjourned to a nice poolside BBQ dinner at the Clearwater condominium.

Oct: Went to Mt. Kinabalu for a second time to participate in the Climbathon. Managed to summit to the top, and completed the run down in a total of 6hr45min, 15min off the qualifying mark of 6hr30min. Nevertheless, it was a nice experience and good to be able to say I completed the 'Toucghest Mountain Race In The World'.

Dec 3: Did my 4th full marathon and second SCSM. Was a treat with cool weather, and finally did sub-4hr on home ground with 3hr54min. Met up with a few overseas SgRunners who came specifically for this race.

Dec 31: Completed my 2nd Ultra Marathon. Did only 5 laps this year, as opposed to 6 last year. Was seized with cramps after 3 laps, so struggled to finsh the last 2 laps. I felt hungry throughout the run.

Looking ahead in 2007

Jan: Pacesetters 30km in KL. Will be meeting SgRunners and SAFRA Runners in KL for this challenging, yet fun 30km hilly run. Looking forward to the good organization, nice goodies, and after race food.

March: Going to Hong Kong to participate for the first time in the SCHK Marathon. Heard that the air might not be too good, and the weather could be chilly at the start of the race. Looking forward to the nice shopping and food, and the company of SAFRA Runners.

Dec: Planning to go for the Angkor Wat run with the family, after seeing the nice scenic photos of the SgRunners group that went in 2006.

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wow, u have had an exciting 2006 ;) all the best for 2007! =D to many more great races!


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