Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Final Race Of 2006

The weather this time at MR was immaculate, unlike last year when I did my maiden MR25 Ultra-Marathon. I completed 6 laps of the 10.5km route in 8hr+ then. This year saw a turnout of more than 150 runners, certainly a record for this race. Many runners and supporters from SgRunners, SAFRA, Thailand, TriFam, MR25 turned up.

The race was flagged off promptly at 7am. I took the first lap real easy, unsure of the detour because of the landslide which added a good 300-500m to the route. It was a more unpleasant route as we had to skirt around Sime Trail, going up onto parts of Rifle Range, and then taking the wooden stairs near Tree Top, before joining back to the final portion of Sime Trail towards Jeluting Tower. I took the opportunity to practise my new running posture, with higher leg lifts, and using more of my large muscle groups. Finished the fist lap in 1hr10min.

Went on to average 1hr8min laps for the second and third laps. I did the second lap with aichai, stazla and fennel, and I was trying to show them the way to their first lap. I finished the first 3 laps in 3hr45min, and decided to change my shoes. Alsa, I was seized with crmaps and spasms in my calves and rib area....Ouch Ouch....painful. I was feeling strong still, but decided to take a rest at the SgRunners support station. Good news from Sotong as he said he would be getting lunch for us, and I would be getting my KFC Fride Chicken....hehe. I started off with DO and Fennel for the 4th lap, but because of the spasms in my calves, I had to continue to jog to warm the muscles up. I went ahead, and by the time I reached Lornie Trail, I had to walk as other parts of my body was threatening to cramp up, what's happening? stazla caught up and I asked her to go ahead as I was feeling ok. I finished the run along Lornie Road, and elapsed time was 5hr45min.

The food arrived just as I was about to start the 5th lap. When I heard DO mention that the finisher's T was that Nike Runaholics top, I was a tad disappointed. I just decided then and there that I would just complete the 5 laps. DO and I went for a walk to cool-down, and we enjoyed the 5th lap as we had so many runners lap us, especially the strong lady runners. HohoRunner, SealBoon and Fennel soon left us as they could not walk for too much. We discussed lots about the running scene in 2006, and talking about what we would be doing for 2007. The walk was excruciatingly tiring for me, as it involved more work on the legs to push off, and not being aided with any running momentum. It took nearly 2hrs to reach Jelutong Tower, and we decided to run most of the way back. We took something like 2.5hours for the last lap....haha....we were so tired and hungry when we finished.

I was rewarded with the Kentucky Fried Chicken, thanks to Sotong, Cyberkinetic and the great SgRunners supporters. The MR25 volunteers did such a great job too, and the food provided by them this year was a lot better than last year....kudos to them for staying throughout the 12 hours. I was tempted with home-made Red Rice Wine Chicken Mee Sua, reminding me of my dinner appointment. I bade farewell to all the runners, supporters and well-wishers as I left MR feeling very contented to have celebrated New Year's Eve in a meaningful manner, with great company to boot.

Distance: 52.5km__Time: 8hr30min

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