Sunday, December 17, 2006

More MF runs

After the SCSM, my upcoming running events will be the MR25 Ultra-Marathon at the end of 2006, the PaceSetters 30km run in January, and the HK Marathon in April 2007. As the year-end draws to a close, I will be taking more time out during runs to smell the roses and do some thinking and planning for the new year ahead. Although HK Marathon training has started at SAFRA MF, I will be contented to do more slow-paced runs, clocking up more mileage if possible to burn off the holiday excesses which I will be up for :).

Was down at the ClubHouse on Thursday evening for a run up to MF hill, via the steeper side of Kampong Bahru. Chatted with Karen Yong for a bit.....hmm, didn;t see her for a while...apparently she did very well for the 32km at SCSM, and was preparing to join in the Pacesetters 30km run too. Kops21 and HohoRunner joined SAFRA MF for the first time, and was given a warm welcome....and was treated to the very 'shiok' 15km route that night...hehe. I did an ok run, getting a hard workout up the hill slopes as usual, and I even did the additional 1.6km Mt. Faber loop at the top. I decided to skip the 5km extra loop around the ClubHouse, ending with just a 11.5km run....just nice for me. DO had his short run too, in preparation for the Angkor Wat 21km this weekend.

Ran into Sentosa on Sunday with the SAFRA MF group in cool, immaculate weather. Had a new runner from HK, Bill join us for the first time. I was enjoying the slower-paced run into Sentosa, and it was still early for gate collections. Teck Hou and Lai Chee were really taking their time to relax as they formed part of the backpackers. The NBRR route is always a nice challenge for me, and since I was familiar with the route, I led a group of them through the route, running along the beaches, and through the Jungle Trail. When we came out from Sentosa, Fennel and Cokiee felt good enough to attemp the ascend up MF from Kampong Bahru. I ran just behind them as we made our slow, but steady way up. It was the second time in the week I went up the hill from that steeper end...Fennel jokingly asked if one can get addicted to running hills...haha. We can be addicted to the 'High' we get wehn we finally reach the top tough :). Once all the newcomers reached the top, we made our way back to ClubHouse along Henderson Road. It was real good weather, and I was glad I got the run in. Hww Shen, Fennel, Cokiee all enjoyed the hard workout. Trainer Ong told Fennel she had good potential, and gave her some tips on how to conquer hills and slopes...I see another sub-4hr runner emerging :).

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At 2:24 PM, Blogger doraemon_red said...

wah, sounds like u all had a good run @ MF! pity I couldn't join in!

yes, fennel has gd potential -- she did the nus hill run on wed prior to MF run on thurs!


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