Thursday, December 07, 2006

Post SCSM Recovery

Rested for 2 days, and started to run on Tuesday evening with Beverly. We did a easy 10km recovery run around the estate, and completed in 1hr03min. My hamstrings and calves were still sore for the first 3km, especially the portions where I suffered cramps. After the warm-up, it was a lot looser, and we enjoyed the nice cool weather of the evening.

adiRUN restarted on Wed evening with a short 8km run to Kallang Sea Sports area and back. A smaller turnout as most were still resting, or were busy with work. I ran mostly at the rear with DO, Fahmy, Michiko and dasher. My legs were looser this evening, but was still feeling tired. I took it easy, preferring to run alongside Michiko at the rear and chatting along the way. Finished the estimated 8km in 41min. Spoke with Fahmy about the Pacesetters 30km and HK marathon in 2007. He was quite interested to go for HK Marathon, and was keen to see if we could have a team represent adiRUNners for Pacesetters 30km :)

Found time to go down for The Running Lab run on Wed evening. I have not been to the RL run for a few months now, and it was great that I could join them again (since this is still recovery and fun time for me). After missing adiRUN, Beverly was eager to join RL run too....hehe. We bought a couple of Wright socks to try (very similar to Ultimax Ironman, but a slightly softer feel). Met MightyJoe, LKY and a couple of familiar faces. The super-ON runners like doraemon, tktan, leggie, fennel, DO were all present...Eddie (who did extremely well at SCSM with 3hr40min) led the run in high spirits. We took a nice Fort Canning loop, and it was fun running along the Clarke Quay and Riverside Point area....ran past Brewerkz, where we had the post-SCSM get-together with the HK Runners just last Sunday. Finished off the approximately 9km distamce in 53min...very nice easy run. On the way back, chatted with SV, who did very well with a sub 5hr SCSM. All those RL, adiRUN and Animiles practise runs must have helped him improve a lot...well done. As usual, Eddie led with a very thorough stretch-down, and all went away with happy grins on their faces. I went back to RL shop and bought a few 'Life Is Great' items....hmm, with all these fun runs, life is certainly great! Cheers!

Recovery will continue through the weekend, with me doing the MacRitchie Ultra-Marathon recce tour with the SgRunners on Saturday. With the flat road SCSM race out of the way, it is time to hit the trails and x-country again...yay!

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