Friday, November 24, 2006

SCSM06 Countdown...Tapering Runs

It rained on Monday evening. It rained again on Tuesday late afternoon. I went down Tuesday evening to SAFRA MF to do a tapering 10km run into Canterbury Estates with the MF folks. It was pouring buckets when I arrived at 6.30pm. However the rain stopped when we set off at 7pm. It was cooling and shiok as we ran along Depot Road, and I was having a short chat about our 'pale-ness' with Kee Sin and Wai Fung. As we entered in Canterbury Estates, I moved ahead to do a faster pace to get the engine working. Then it started to pour. I increased the pace further as the raindrops irritated me, and I wanted to get out there quick. I must have been doing a 4:30min pace inside Canterbury. It was still pouring as I exited and ran for a bit with Melvin along Alexandra Road. My adiZero SN were really put to the test as I splashed them through large puddles of water. They were wet, but I could still sense a good grip...and the shoes have already gone 800km...very durable. I wanted to add about 2km more, but as it was still pouring as I approached Labrador Park entrance, I decided to just go back to ClubHouse. With about 500m to go, the rain came to a stop. I could feel the water in my shoes drained off. Finished the whole 10km in 49min.

It rained again on Wed afternoon. Good that it stopped and made way for a cool evening adiRUN. Fahmy came back after his 3 week vacation to join us. We had some nice group photos taken with Fabian (a fast marathoner), a poster boy for adidas running (dunno his name) and Fahmy. This must be the 10th adiRUN, and I remembered we took some nice group photos for the first few runs then. Instead of the originally planned 10km Fort Canning route, we did the 14km Marina South Jetty route instead. Brokie, who just did 32km the previous evening, started at her slow recovery pace along with Beverly, Meteor and myself ... The rest of the group went ahead, and the few of us ran at about 6min/km pace. After taking a water break at the Jetty, it was just me and Beverly, running at 5:45min pace, playing catch up to the rest. Bev was maintaining good form...I think she should do well for her maiden 21km at SCSM06. As we ran round the steamboat area, we spotted Cokiee and Meteor in front. We maintained our pace and slowly narrowed the gap till we caught up as we exited Marina South into Shenton Way. From there, we ran as a group to finish the 14km in 1hr25min. Did a good warm-down stretch led by Cokiee, before heading back to Adidas Suntec for our 100plus and bananas.

Did a 12.4km run at from SAFRA MF to Labrador Park. The weather was cool, after some afternoon showers. It was great that the rain did not come back like Tuesday. I decided to go for an additional 3 laps around the 800m small loop at Labrador Park. It was a nice, peaceful run, and I took care not to exert myself. Took about 1hr3min of running time, averaging 5min pace.

I have brought together some SgRunners for a 20km tourist-pace International Friendship Run for our running friends arriving from overseas for SCSM06. It will be a good time for lots of us to get together as well. We plan to go down to the Race Expo after the run, and then have a pre carbo-loading ritual at the Marina FoodCourt, offering the best of Singapore Delights. RUN IT. EAT IT. DO IT. :)

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