Sunday, November 12, 2006

Just recovered from my 2 week bout of flu, and was feeling good. Went with the family for a very big carbo-loading tom-yum steamboat dinner on Saturday night, topped up with very nice cheesecake, and I was feeling stuffed the whole night. I was anticipating the Sunday's Nike Runaholics 20km, plus another 10km of the trail route, to make a 30km LSD. I felt really weak at last week's 25km Runaolics run at MR, and hope to get back my form this time. I woke up at about 3am...hmm, interrupted sleep again, and then finally got back to sleep at about 4am, before waking up at 6am...haha. Downed another piece of cheesecake...sinful...for brekky, followed by coffee and 1 large banana. I couldn't wait to get the run in to 'off-load' the very high glycogen levels...hehe.

Because of the 2nd Link Bridge Run and some other events this morning, a smaller group came for the Runaholics Run. This was the 8th run, and those of us who had done 3 runs would get our Nike running top for free. I would also have reached > 100km in Runaholic mileage, likely landing me a pair of Nike Bowerman runners....haven't tried them before, hope they will find a nice place in my running shoe cabinet :). Stephen came a brief of the 2 loops we would be doing, and we would be running up to Lornie Road, and coming by that way back to the toilet for a 10km loop....hmm, I took the trails back last week; no wonder it felt so much longer and tougher then...hehe. I started slow for the first loop, and was running mostly by myself from the rear, slowly moving up along the way. Went through the slopes at the Northern Trail quite effortlessly, and with small strides too...exited to SICC Golf Couse in about 21min...not fast, but steady enough....I had to conserve as I planned to do at least 30km, 10km more after finishing the Runaholic 20km requirement. The highlight of the first loop was JW overtaking me twice...haha...she is such a 'smooth' runner; no wonder she did so well at those Ironman races.

I felt good mostly, even taking my time to avoid the muddy puddles and grass patches...haha. Took a sip of the Powergel mix (2 packets) in the fuel-belt bottles, and finished the first 10km loop in 58min. Went off for the second 10km loop, and overtook most of the tiring runners along Northern Trail. By then, Ultra, DO, RR, JW and the front-runners were out of sight. I enjoyed the quite journey alone, exiting the Northern Trails in 21min yet again. Continued with a second sip of the Powergel mix, and chugged through Sime Trail and back to the tree-roots area. Managed to run through the tree-roots area, albeit at a slow pace, and along Lornie Road, I picked up pace to complete the 2nd loop in 58min yet's that for consistency? hehe... Completed the Runaholics 20km in 1hr56min.

Saw RealRunner and Ultra who had earlier completed their 20km...these are cheetahs lah. Sotong, who was injured, did a commendable 1 loop, and was under advise to rest. I took my record card, and collected my Runaholic Running Top. Made a quick change into the new top, and away I went for my own 3rd 10km loop. I finished off the Powergel mix, and continued strongly up Northern Trails for a 3rd time. I felt strong still, and decided to increase pace. The sun was out, although not in full heat, but was good enough for some 'heat conditioning' for me.

My legs were feeling good through the 3rd 10km loop, and no sign of tightness or cramps...hmm, could be the easy pace I was adopting....I was quite happy with things....enjoying the scenery. Ran up the tree-roots for a third time, and I decided to take Lornie Road back again. It was definitely a lot easier than taking the trail route back, where there would be 2-3 slopes to tackle. I finished the final 10km loop in 58min yet, very even splits. I body sensed at the end, and felt that I could finish another 10-12km without getting cramps...good, I hope I will feel this way on Marathon Day. Met DO who had already finished his training. I did some stretches while waiting for Brokie, Vincent and Cokiee, who were finishing off their 30km too....they were more or less ready for the full marathon itself. when all came back, we were treated to 'heavenly' barley, and got a chance to meet Kayano and his friend, who had completed the 2nd Link Bridge Run. Trifam cw and snail who also did the Runaholics 20km were stretching down as well. Vincent and Brokie who had done 30km for the first time in a long while, felt it in their legs, and had a little bit of cramps; but otherwise, they were pretty 'conditioned'. I did not feel very tired today, and really enjoyed the longish run. I hope to do the final LSD next week at Marina South....hopefully, I will be able to do a 35km then. 3 weeks to D-Day; All systems ready and I must keep myself away from viruses for now :).

Distance: 30km

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