Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Final Track Intervals before SCSM

For some strange reason, I started to have a stuffy nose and sore throat in the morning...could be the late night and also chomping on too much 'heaty' nuts...:). Took lots of water throughout the day, and finally decided to go down to SAFRA MF for Interval Training. Trainer Ong announced this was going to be the final 'speed-work' we will be doing for the rest of the year....hooray!

The group of about 30 of us did a slow jog to Queestown Stadium. On the way, I chatted a little with Lai Chee (who always comes for such hard-core training...haha) and PS. Lai Chee mentioned she did 47min for GE Women's run, but her name ended at the bottom...hmm, must be some computer sorting error heh? There were quite a number of new runners this evening, and all were enthusiatic at the prospects of doing their first serious track intervals with SAFRA.

The Program for the evening was straigtforward - a 1.6km for starters, followed by 6 x 800m repeats with rest of 3min in between. My throat was pretty sore by then, and I was wondering if I could survive the intensity at all...was thinking if I should see a doctor the next morning..hehe. I did the 1.6km cautiously, not able to breathe too hard...finished in 6min43sec...one of my slow 1.6km, but heck, just took it as a warm up....knowing that there were 6 more 800m laps I have to go through. Did the 1st 2 800m repeats quite ok, running alongside small chua and ronnie mostly...finished in 3:02 and 3:09 respectively. Lai Chee was always lurking behind, averaging 3:20...wah, not sure if she was using me as pacer lah....haha. There was a new runner, an Indian possibly, who was pretty strong and running just behind too.
After the 2 800m laps, my throat was dry...I had to rush to the toilet for a drink. I could feel the pain as the water wet my throat. Arghh...just 4 more laps.

I didn't talk much to anyone during the workout. Normally, the workouts are tough for me, and I guess the same goes to my running mates too....so I guess all would rather catch their breaths than yak....that can come during makan time lah! I did the next 2 800m laps in 3:06 and 3:07, this time lagging behind small chua and Ronnie, but still maintaining my sub 3:10 average well. Went for another drink at the toilets. My legs were still strong, but my nose was runny. My breathing was a tad heavy lah. I continued on to finish the final 2 laps in 3:07 and 3:06...heh, pretty consistent, averaging 3:06min 800m laps. I think I haven't done sub 3:10min laps for all sets before...hmm. My timings went as follows:

1.6km set - 6min43sec
800m set 1 - 3min2sec
800m set 2 - 3min9sec
800m set 3 - 3min6sec
800m set 4 - 3min7sec
800m set 5 - 3min7sec
800m set 6 - 3min6sec

Glad that I finished in one piece. For the 4km warm down run back to ClubHouse, I took it easy and finished quite strong at the end. My throat was parched dry. Downed a nice 100plus, and did more stretching than normal, while waiting for the rest. By the time I got to the food centre, it was pretty late...as usual, had my signature dish lah....the 'Red Rice-Wine Chicken broth with mee sua'...what a mouthful, but yummilicious...*slurp*

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