Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Wedding Run

The Wedding Couple with well-wishing SgRunners

I have attended quite a number of Wedding dinners, but this will be the first time I am attending a Wedding Run :), for our SgRunner's running kakis Alvo & Meteor. Prior to that, I went for a early 5am run of the 24km AniMILES route, along with DO and Divey. Brokie, Ultra, Bug, tktan had started earlier at 4.45am, and I started off with Gentle and friend, Fennel, George, DO and Divey.

The PSI levels were in the 80s, but it did look a little more foggy than it was...guess the morning mist might have added on to that. I ran the OUTR quite ok, taking care to warm up slowly, and not breathe too heavy. I ran mostly alone all the way to the road leading to the zoo, the 12km mark. Bump into the earlier group of Bug, Ultra, Cheow12, Brokie, tktan, Cokiee, Kops and friend plus HoHo. I reached the U-turn point in 1hr4min...hmm, an easy pace for me this morning. Ran back and caught up with Kops & HoHo, and I was trying to catch Brokie and tktan further forward. Somehow that kept me at a slightly faster pace as I was hoping to find someone to chat near the end of the run...but, when I couldn't spot them as I turned from Mandai Road back to Upper Thomson Road, I knew they must have taken the Seletar Reservoir way....wah, extra 1.5km for them. I kept up my pace after that and ended the 24km run in 2hr6min...not the fastest, but I was just as happy with the workout. Arrived to a enthusiastic group of SgRunners with Sotong and Andy shouting the loudest and cheering us was nice to see so many of them, all waiting to start the Wedding Run at 7.30am. Was sure glad to see the choco HL milk from Divey, who had finished her 18km earlier...thanks Divey, that was heavenly :)

When all the runners came back, the bride and groom appeared in their nice running outfit. Meteor had a tiara on her head, and was wearing a running skirt...wowee...and Alvin had a bow tie, and a race belt tied with 8 empty milk cans to his waist. The Wedding Run officially started after a round of photo shoot. We ran along Lower Pierce Road, with the bride and groom leading, making lots of noise with the dragging milk cans...haha. Each time a can fell off, the couple will be asked some challenging questions and made to perform some 'endearing' tasks...hehe. tktan was capturing all the antics in his video cam...damn pro! Sotong was also shuttling up and down, shooting with his camera. There was even a support vehicle, driven by Gentle, to pave the way for the runners, as well as snap photos on the move. It sure was fun, as the couple did some slick salsa moves, groom piggy-back the bride along OUTR, and other 'forfeits' . Andy was The Director, giving instructions and directions to the couple on what to do, and where to pose...surely he must know; he works in MediaCorps ok :).

We ran all along OUTR, turned into Upper Pierce Reservoir, and with a few more cans dropping and 'punishment' being meted along UPR, we finally arrived to the end of road where the bridge was. A nice picnic setting with 100Plus, water-melons, rock-melons and bananas was laid, thanks to Brokie/Sotong/cfred/Gentle who made the arrangements, and Ultra for sponsoring most of the fruits and drinks. The wedding couple had their photos taken, water-melon cutting ceremony, and we all were treated to a sumptious 'monkey' brunch...haha. I was so thirsty, I downed 2 cans of 100Plus, had water-melon and rock-melon slices....smooth! Lots of photos for the couple, and some lucky gal got the bride's, might have another wedding run next year this time? hehe

After much eating and chatting, we took a slow stroll interspersed with some really slow jogging, back to LPR carpark. Lots more posing and photos. Andy and Brokie choreographing and coordinating professionally. I was quite happy to just join in the photo-taking and be told where to stand and pose :). As I had a Deepavali lunch to attend, I did not join in the follow-on makan and activities with the group. It sure was a good maiden Wedding Run experience for me!

Check out the Photo Albums from Brokie and Dasher

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