Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lucky break from the Haze...

The haze clouded Singapore's atmosphere all through Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The PSI levels reached as high as 150 on Saturday. I was getting a little concerned, as the prospect of having my Sunday run in was in jeopardy. Lots of sms-es, and emails later, I decided to go to East Coast Parkway early Sunday morning regardless.

Amazingly, I awoke on Sunday morning to clear skies. I took a sniff, and it was smoke-free I switched on the TV for the latest PSI readings, but it was not updated. The small group of DO, Sotong, Cokiee, Bee, Brokie, Cosmic, Vincent and I met at East Coast Parkway F2 at 6am for our own 10km warm up run, before joining in the Nike Runaholics inaugural 10km run at 7.30am. We were happy that the skies were clear, and there was even a nice morning breeze. We took off at about 6.30am and ran towards the MacD area. The Nike Shelter (for the run later) were being set up. Lots of runners were out in force...lots of pent-up energy...hehe. We ran for about 25min before U-turning back to Carpark F2. The pace was enthusiastic as we went about our 5min/km speed. We arrived back to F2 taking about 50min, and running for close to 10km.

A small crowd had gathered at the Nike Shelter by then. We registered ourselves, got our bibs, and even got to try out Nike running shoes. I exchanged my Cumulus VII for a pair of Air Max Moto for a trial. The Nike organizer gave a brief of the Runholics program, and the mileage and attendance we have to achieve to be able to qualify for free Nike Bowerman Runners, as well as purchase a Nike Runaholics top after 3 runs. MR25 President, Stephen Lee gave a brief about the 10km route, and we set off after the 2 pace groups (5min/km and 5:30min-6min/km). With less forefoot cushion afforded by the Air Max Moto, I did a more heel striking run, and moved slowly from behind to catch up with the 5min/km group led by Michael Craig and Trevor Seaman. I enjoyed the nice and even 5min pace they set, and we did a U-turn at the SAF NSRCC. There was a large MR25 team who were there to help runners along the route. JJ and Sumiko provided good encouragement running up and down, waiting and pacing runners, and helping with refreshments and drinks. After the U-turn, I ran up to catch up with Craig and Trevor, and I finished the 10km run in 49min+....3rd...haha...not bad for that kind of timing. The first guy came in got a gift voucher...good for him. I was happy just to get a good run in, and recorded my mileage with Nike.

I did a cool down with Trevor and DO afterwards, and we had a nice chat. Had a nice munch of the apples and bananas, with compliments from Nike. The weather was cool, so I didn't need to drink too much. The rest of the SgRunners arrived shortly, all having enjoyed their runs. We stayed for a bit to get our Runaholics Card marked, and for some prizes to be given. Vincent and Brokie were lucky to win 3 Nike bags, very nice....waah, hope I will win something at the lucky draw next time..hehe. We had a good wash-up (facilities at F2 car-park are not bad), and then proceeded to Marine Parade Food Centre for makan and drinks. I am glad I could get about 20km lsd in amidst the haze, which does not look like it is going to abate soon.

Distance: 20km__Time: 1hr40min__Pace: 5min/km

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