Wednesday, September 13, 2006

AdiRUN No. 2

Because of the IMF proceedings near the Suntec area, I visited the Adidas store at Cathay Building for the second Adidas Runners' evening. The store was much bigger than the one at Suntec City (at least to me), and there were lots of nice stuff to beo...but I would have to do that at another time. Spotted Meteor first, and then Dasher. Then Beverly came, soon DO, and then a larger group of familiar faces gathered at the store...Charmane, Alvo, Superboy, Cokiee, sazla, cfred, and a few runners from the first run. Brokie came along, then Angelica....hmm, quite a group in the end. Fahmy called all together for a warm-up before we set off.

DO suggested a nice route this evening. The part to Fort Canning was nice, and we looped it 1.5 times. There were some challenges along the way, like climbing a huge flight of stairs, navigating some slopes, going down some steep ones too...all the runners enjoyed the relatively quick pace and hard workout. I had a little discussion with lcp, a new SgRunner about his fast 21km AHM, and also preparations for the SCSM full marathon. A uncle-neice couple were running alongside Beverly and Angelica. I was pacing Beverly for a bit, and found that her pace was quite close to Angelica's. A lot of the SgRunners have improved by heaps, and all have no problems doing a good 10km run. We gathered at the top of Fort Canning for a short breather, before moving down across the pedestrian Bridge which led to Clarke Quay, along Riverside. Then we ran to Boat Quay, with Brokie, myself and cfred taking turns to do fartlek runs to snap some photos of the runners in action. It was fun, and a break from the regular pace we were doing. There were quite a crowd at the bars and restaurants along the Quay, and they must be pretty amused by the bunch of us running around :). By the time we reached The Esplanade, we had run about 9km. Some parts of The Esplanade were being set up for IMF, but did not really pose any access problems for us. From there, we headed back to Cathay Building doing run/stop for about another 1km.

When we reached back, we had a nice time stretching, chatting over 100plus and bananas. Fahmy shared that Adidas will focus on Running in 2007, after having paid a lot of attention on soccer in 2006. Plans are on the drawing board for a major run to be organized by Adidas...can't wait for more news of that to emerge. With very little traffic stops, and a much even pace this evening, I did enjoy this evening's AdiRUN very much...and Bev had a hard workout, to the point of getting some stiches midway...hehe

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