Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Deja Vu...MF Hill Repeats

Did my 2nd Hill Repeats at MF Hills with the SAFRA MF Group this evening. About 40 runners turned up, and we had SgRunners Brokie, Vincent, leh-lio and Cokiee join us for the hills training. Started off at 6.5pm and did a 3km run to the start point at the car-park of Mt. Faber Loop. There were quite a number of new runners this evening, and they enjoyed the ascent up from Morse Road.

After a short breather, we started off to do the planned 6 x 1.6km Mt. Faber Loop. Trainer Ong gave the runners advice to work hard on the upslopes, but take it easy on the downslopes...that would be the proper way to train for power and speed in hill runs. I did the first 3 loops averaging 8min+, and felt pretty comfortable with the conservative pace. I worked a bit harder for the 4th and 5th laps. I was breathing hard on the upslopes, but my legs felt pretty ok. I finished the 6th lap, dashing up the final 100m with cm shouting for me to give it my all...phooh, that was hard work but satisfying when I reached the top. Finished the run sprinting away with Jimmy and small chua, but could not keep up with them...nevertheless thanks to them for the good pace to give me a sub 8min final lap. Completed the 6laps in 51min+, better that the 52min+ I did 2 weeks back for the same 6laps.

Lap 1: 8min44sec
Lap 2: 8min39sec
Lap 3: 8min48sec
Lap 4: 8min42sec
Lap 5: 8min46sec
Lap 6: 7min56sec
Total: 51min40sec
Average: 8min36sec

Did some quick stretches and went to cheer our invited guests and some new runners in. I paced leh-lio for her final 100m sprint to the finish...this gal was strong, and finished the 6 laps in less the 1 hr *salute*. Vincent did well to finish 6laps in 1hr too. Cokiee and Brokie both did very well too. Peter did 4 laps...great. I remembered I did 2 laps when I first joined MF, and almost 'died-ed'...haha.. Gotta take my hat off to these new bunch of runners..all very determined and willing to go the extra mile (no pun intended)..heh. As with all hill repeats, we took a nice cool-down walk back to ClubHouse via the 'ninja' short-cuts, and was greeted by 'heavenly' ice-cold 100plus, thanks to cm, wong and the advance party who went back to get the drinks ready. Also collected the Gu gels I ordered...hmm, will try them out in my long runs and for MK. Will be collecting my new DS Trainer this Thursday...highly anticipating that.

The shower rooms and car park were packed this evening, and we jested that it must be due to the large group of MF Runners :). We proceeded to the regular Food Centre, and many of the folks tried my regular favourite 'Red rice-wine chicken'. Had good discussions with Cokiee, Brokie and DO about the many long and interesting runs we had planned for the month of October. A nice workout, followed by nice makan....thats why I always look forward to training at SAFRA MF :)

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