Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Post AHM Recovery

This week will have me doing a series of short runs as recovery from Sunday's AHM. The news reported that there were more than 60,000 runners who participated, and about 15,000 went for the Half Marathon. The talking point was the poor traffic control situation where runners were stopped, and the ugly situations of drivers honking and showing signs...haiz!

Did a recovery run on Monday to TP 40-storey block for stairs climbing and back. Was good for the legs as there were less aches the following day. Went down Tue evening to SAFRA MF for the planned recovery run by the Club. Wow...lots of people went down, must be about 30+ runners. We chatted a lot about Sunday's AHM, some of the happenings, and how many of the running club members did well. Trainer gave a brief of the route (Clubhouse -> Henderson Rd -> Harbourfront -> Kampung Bahru entrance -> Mount Faber Hill -> Morse Rd -> Harbourfront -> Telok Blangah Rise -> Clubhouse) and off we went. I did a regular paced run, mostly running alone, behind the faster group in front. It was a challenging climb as usual up to MF from Kampong Bahru side, and it felt good to reach the top. cfred, Alvin, DO, Foo were some off those whom were running together. After the descent down Morse Road, I was tagging behind Alvin, and later cfred, all the way back to ClubHouse. I felt stretched for the 50min 10km, but it was a good recovery run.

The AHM Results were finally posted, but timings were based on Gun Time instead of Nett Chhip Time (Gun Time - Time Of Crossing The Starting ChipMat). So my official time now becomes 1hr41min and position 55 in the Men's Veteran Cat. My timing last year (Nett ChipTime) was 1hr44min....ok lah, still a PB. Will hope to break 1hr40min for my next 21km race. The claim was for the certificate to be sent within 3 days...I think it may take much longer than that. I received my cert about 2 months after the race last year...speaking about certs, I have still to receive my PaceSetters 15km cert after a 2-month wait already...hmm.

And a short message from one of SgRunner's emminent running sifus sums it all up:-

Dream buddy )))))))))))))
Your were ranked 55 at your veteran category and ranked 319 overall out of 5739 runners, within top 6%!!!!!
- Ultraman

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