Thursday, August 17, 2006

Run For...

There are many reasons why we run...

Run For Good Health
Run For Fun
Run To Lose Weight
Run For Comradeship
Run For PB
Run To Challenge Ourselves
Run For World Harmony
Run For ...

and for many of us, a host of other reasons why we RUN.

Now is the chance for us to add one more reason to RUN

Run for something different this year!
Run For something meaningful!
Run For Others!
Run For Charity!

A group of running enthusiasts in Singapore has come together to elevate the sport of running to a status worthy of our attention.... running to benefit others less fortunate than us. I attach the following invitation for your kind consideration:

Dear friends,

if you are running in the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2006, we would like to invite you to participate in this fund-raising event for the Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA) during the event .

Click the banner below for the special event!

user posted image

All of us know the feeling.

The rush of wind against your face. The sound of shoes pounding the tarmac. The exhilaration of completing a race.

This year, don’t just run for personal fulfillment at the SCSM 06. Why not GO THE EXTRA MILE and get more out of your run?

If you are running in SCSM 06, why not GO THE EXTRA MILE and raise funds for a charitable cause?

Help HWA GO THE EXTRA MILE for the physically disabled by helping them enhancing their lives and enabling them to integrate into society.

. It's Fund Raising & Fun Racing!

About HWA

HWA provides transport, rehabilitation, welfare and education programmes for people with physical disabilities, to facilitate their integration into society. It also conducts public education programmes such as talks and exhibitions in schools and organizations to promote awareness. More information on HWA is available here

The Target

We need to mobilise 250 runners participating in SCSM 2006 to raise funds for HWA. Each person counts...ask your friends, family, relatives, neighbours, colleagues and kakis to join in the run and raise funds!

Target amount: at least SG$50 000

How this fund-raising will be done

After consultation with HWA, the following fund-raising methods will be used:

1) Pledge Cards

This will allow runners to get lump sum donations (e.g. $5, $10, $50 etc) from people willing to contribute to HWA. Donations can also be based on the distance covered by the runner (e.g. sponsor to donate $XYZ for every kilometer run during SCSM 06). Therefore, the further you run, the more money you can raise for charity!

2) Appeal Letters

This letter will allow fund-raisers to seek bigger lump sum donations from donors who prefer a more personalised touch.

Participants from any of the running categories (full marathon, half marathon, 10km etc) are welcome.


All participants running for HWA will receive a special HWA runner’s pack! Negotiations are currently underway to secure sponsorship for a t-shirt and other goodies for the pack.

Where can I find the latest info about this drive?

More information on this charity drive can be found here

How to play your part

Please register for the SCSM 06 here AND Email the following details to

1) Full name
3) Contact number
4) Email address
5) Preferred T-shirt size

The organisers will contact you with more details subsequently. Your particulars will be kept strictly confidential.

Feel free to indicate your interest and any constructive feedback in the comments section of this post.

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