Friday, September 08, 2006

Stockpiling The Battle Chest

2 new runners added to the battlechest

Heard that there were some good deals at the Asics Sale, so made a 30min detour on the way to an appointment to check that out. I reached Runners World at Genting Lane in the evening. I was surprised to see that there were running shoes that were available in my size, and those were models that I have worn with satisfaction. I immediately asked for the Cumulus VII Orange/Grey, but they did not have my exact size 10, so I went for the Blue/White instead. I have just retired my Cumulus VII Blue/White and this will come in handy as a direct replacement...and at a good discount (at least an additional 20% more discount than what I had paid previously), why not?

The Asics Gel Forrester Tri - 'Chio' eh?

Then I looked at other models like the DS Trainer, Speedstar, DS Racer, and the very 'chio' Gel Forrester Tri. Finally decided to give Gel Forrester Tri a try (no pun intended) hehe. At least I can wear it for jalan-jalan if it did not work for my running. My initial feel of wearing it was quite good...soft and has some cushion, and is quite light. I will try it at the casual Public Service Run tomorrow and see what happens.

With about 10min left, and me late for my appointment, I grabbed a few Asics tops and some New Balance bags...quite good buys. With the anticipated arrival of my new order of the latest DS Trainer XI next week, I will have 3 Asics and 2 Adizero SN to back me up for my training into 2007. Nice!

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