Thursday, August 24, 2006

Half Marathon Taper

Will put in a few short, tempo runs ahead of AHM this Sunday. Will be eating normally, with maybe some carbo-loading on Friday evening and Saturday. Need to sleep well for the next few days, since I will be unlikely to have a restful weekend with some intensive business planning to do till late Sat night...

Monday 21/08: Managed to put in a nice evening run with Bev. I did not run since Saturday morning, and after resting for 3 days, my legs felt quite heavy at first. After 2km, I moved ahead and slowed down twice to wait for Bev. After the majot traffic junction (about 4.5km mark), I decided to move ahead on my own, all the way to finish up to 10km in about 53min...then moving into Tai Keng Gardens for another 2km of estate road and slight slopes. Finished the 12.5km run in 1hr7min.
Distance Ran: 12.5km__Time Taken: 1hr7min__Pace: 5:22min/km

Tuesday 22/08:
After some deliberating, finally went to join the SgRunners folks to do the CBD run. Was pleasantly surprised to see a large crowd...nearly 40 people, and many were new runners who had joined even tin tin was there to say goodbye... he and his family will be going to Cleveland, Ohio for 2years...I wished him well, and hope to hear from him and Ryan (his cute son) through SgRunners Forum. As normal with CBD runs for me, I was running up and down, chatting with various folks along the way.... to Cokiee about his new campus life, Aichai about the nice route we were taking, Divey about the Sheares Bridge which she climbed with relative ease, Teelee and IMD about the upcoming AHM route which measured shorter, Bee about her UK stint and her layoff running for a month, paulh about his training for his maiden 21km, meteor about her injury-free running style, Angelica about her rather serious knee injury, alecchua about his good running form, and bits here and there. I enjoyed the scenic run up Sheares Bridge and the nice views along the coastline, leading to the steamboat area....nice nice. Reached back to Tanjong pagar at 8.30pm, and was fortunate that I was not the last, cause run3, Charmane and taz went to do extra loops and were seen chionging back....woosh....:). Had a nice dinner with half of the folks remaining, occupying 4-5, this CBD run is really helping to give the economy a mini boost lah...haha. I estimated I ran about 9km....ok lah, for a tapering week.
Distance Ran: 9km__Pace: Approx. 5:30min/km

Wednesday 22/08: Managed to squeeze some time in for a quickie run around the 10km route around my estate. Did the run alone and took in a reasonably steady pace, not that hard, definitely below tempo pace. I felt pretty good for the whole run, and restrained from opening up, mostly doing a shuffle. Because of the 7th month and all the offerings, I had to run through many pockets of thick smoke along the way….wah, really not very good air quality. Completed the run in quite a good timing, felt good too.
Distance Ran: 10km__Time Taken: 48min28sec__Pace: 4:50min/km

I am hoping to put in one final, albeit short run for the week...before going into 'REST' mode (yeeks!) till race day... I haven't been sleeping well these past few days, dreaming of myself driving up a steep mountain/slope...hehe...

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