Sunday, May 04, 2008

MR25 Progressive Run Series 2008 - 20km

There must be a record turnout this morning at the MR25 20km Progressive Run. There were some Army runners as well as SAFRA MF Runners who joined in the fun as well. I had not run since Tuesday, other than the easy short run on Thursday morning, but has been eating and carbo-loading with all the cruise dinners and house-warming makan...haha. I couldn't wait to burn off the excesses.

The Ranger Station and Sime Trail portions of MR have opened this year, and finally we will do a complete loop, returning from Lornie Trail and the 5km Time-Trials way. Just before the run, Brokie showed off her new black toy, the Nike+ gadget which measures distance....the wrist-band looked neat and interesting...will lookout for the launch.

On the word 'Go', I was running along at a steady pace, trying not to go too fast. Came out of the Northern Trail in did seem a tad fast, but I was still feeling ok. kk and Cheow12 was running along with me then, and Ultraman joined us along the slopes of Chunky Hill (SICC). I ran with Ultra for quite a distance, along the Golf Course, and stayed behind him all the way to aircond road. Along the way, I waved and acknowledged many of the familiar faces, and could see Bug running with the front pack. Raven and stardust were also in front.

Reached the Main Gate at the end of UPR in 52min+...seemed to be quite normal timing. On the return, I ran ahead slightly, with Ultra and kk running close-by. The sun was out in its full glory, piling on the heat, as I headed back towards Chunky Hill. The group of golfers tee-ing off were rather impatient, and shouted 'FORE' many times even when they have not hit the ball yet. Up the slopes of Chunky Hill saw a few of the army boys walk to take a breather, and thats when I moved ahead of them. Saw cfred at the water point turning into Ranger Station, and urged him to push on.

The final stretch had me running with a ang-moh and another army runner. I took a walk up the tree-roots area, and these two ran past me. I trailed them most of the way along Lornie Trail. I was a little surprised to find that there was a path that could skirt round the difficult tree-roots area, when I saw some familiar runners who were behind me suddenly appear in front....ok, next time must check out that bypass.

Out from Lornie Trail, I moved ahead of the two runners just in front of me, and I sped to the finish line in 1hr48min. I felt slightly thirsty, and was perspiring lots...other than that, my legs felt good, and I could have gone for another 10-15km if I could find interested parties to run along at that time...haha. The group of us enjoyed Brokie's Barley and the stories from Raven. Till the next Progressive Run in 2 months time!

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At 12:01 AM, Blogger passion said...

luckily, i din join u guys 2day... 1hr48min is too fast 4 me.

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