Wednesday, April 16, 2008

55km aftermath

Quite a number of injuries have cropped up with a couple of the runners that attempted Dusty 55km run last Friday night. Because of the increase in mileage ahead of Sundown Ultramarathon end May, there is an inherent problem of bodies not recovering fast enough, allowing injuries, especially to the knees and leg areas to flare up.

I did a series of short recovery runs after a good rest over the weekend. A 9km on Sunday around the neighbourhood, bumped into Spinn3rX, my neighbour who also did the Saturday run. He heard there were some injuries, and we also chatted about him looking at starting some regular runs at NTU, his new training grounds...hehe.

Did another 9km on Monday, this time in reverse direction. The rains threatened my start, put on my cap for insurance, and was happy that it was dry eventually. The legs have cleared off the accumulated lactic acid by then, I hope.

Went down to MF on Tuesday despite the heavy rains in the afternoon. As usual, the rain stopped just in time for our 7pm run. Put on my older pair of Katana in favour of the new DS Racer because of the wet grounds...again had my cap on just in case. The Katana is still performing well in spite of hits rather high mileage and there was still good traction. Ran as a group with the SAFRA MF Runners to Labrador Park, and did 6 laps of the 1.2km 'tunnels' loop as planned by Trainer Ong. I averaged 8min+ per lap, which did help to work up the cardio....good to feel the heart pumping. The regulars were there, and Michael brought his son along...which did well at his first SAFRA training run.

At the recommendation of Alan from SgRunners, I went down Running Lab and walked away with the Optic Nerve HALOGYN PM sunglasses....comes with 4 pairs of interchageable Photomatic lenses, adjustable nose-bridge rest, active air vents and 100% UV protection. The price is very good for sports sunglasses with such specifications. Looking forward to trying to see if it is suitable for me to use in long distance running.

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