Monday, March 24, 2008

Time Off...

Had a good rest over the Easter Weekend, which extended till today for me. Since I had some time on my hands, I decided to do an earlier evening run to Sengkang via the Serangoon Connector. Started off at about 5pm, with dark clouds looming in the horizon. Bev was also doing her own long run as we started off together.

Midway along Lor Ah Soo, I decided to head back to get my mini MP3 to provide some background music for the run. My pace was at about 6min/km, but with the humid weather, I was perspiring profusely. I had to wrench my wrist band dry a couple of times. As I exited the Park Connector and got onto Senkang East, Bev came running back along the highway bridge. She was enjoying her run with her own steady pace.

Maybe its because of the humidity, I felt a lot more thirsty this evening. By the time I headed back to Kovan area, it started to drizzle a little. I had run 2hrs+ and about 20km by then. I kept my MP3, and decided not to go the extra 3km along the Braddel way....instead, I turned back home for a total distance of 24km. Bev came back about 10min later, having covered about 21km. Not bad for a weekday run. Fortunately for us, the rain came pouring down only 15min later.

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