Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some don't like it HOT!

I have been missing a few runs for this week due to the atypical rainy weather. Was getting a little pent-up and moody, and was looking forward to this Sunday's 29km outlet. There was a large crowd at SAFRA MF today, the exact opposite of last weekend....hmm, most likely all were also lacking in mileage and were out for revenge...haha.

We started off at 7:45am, and I was happy to trot behind...fumbling a little with the headphones of my MP3 player. The radio reception was not good, so I played slow songs to keep my pace down. I was enjoying the nice music under the warm sunshine that was coming up, as we ran along the Shenton Way stretch towards Marina South. I was trying to show the way to the folks that were just in front of me. Once into Marina South, I ran mostly just behind DO and Jancy. Vincent and PS were always nearby, as we moved at a pace of about 6min/km.

Siew Lee and Shirley took a slightly different route, and ended up at the Jetty, fast...hehe. As usual, Bug, stardust, Jimmy, Trevor and the fast ones were way ahead. It seemed like a long time spent in the Marina South area, and we hit the Jetty in 1hr15min. Took a short break, chatted a little about next Thursday's Prata Run, and away we went out the same way we came in. I was enjoying the music as the sun's rays got even fiercer. I was feeling slightly hungry...when we approached Prince Edward Road, I took my small bar of Snickers as refuel.

The 20km runners would turn left towards Keppel Road, and head back along Kampong Bahru. The 29km runners would turn right towards The Esplanade, all the way to Marina Promenade toilet, and turning back. I still felt good along the way to Marina Promenade. Saw stardust and Bug taking a walk break, and I was quite tempted to join them...but told myself to go all the way to the toilet first. Jancy and Vincent came along to the toilet, while DO did a turn back.

On the way back, I saw a large group of young runners doing a group run...they were pretty serious, and looked organized. Other than them, there were not that many runners on the road this morning, surprisingly. By the time I hit Shenton Way, I felt drained and tired. My legs were weighing a tonne, and I was very tempted to take a walk break. I was thirsty and hungry. I removed the headband as I was feeling a little heated up from the HOT sun. I finally succumbed along Keppel Road and walked for 3min. It had been some time since I ran this route in such HOT, really 'mental'.

DO who was just ahead earlier could not be seen by then...he must have sped away. I was determined to do an extra 1km along Henderson Road, after the suggestion by Brokie. I took the second walk break along Harbourfront, and by then, my water bottles were almost empty, and I felt like walking all the way back. I started to run again after 5min, and to my surprise, I found my calves tightening and having spasms...almost hit by cramps...arghhh...I slowed down a little and pushed on. Fortunately there was some incline along Henderson Road for me to run in a way as to stretch the calves. I was breathing quite heavily by then, possibly due to the glycogen depletion and lactic buildup....I would hit the wall if I had to run another 5km.

There was a sense of relief when I finally reached the ClubHouse, after staying on my feet for 3hr45min. I swore that it felt much longer than the supposed 30km I covered. Nevertheless, it was a hard workout for me, and I hope this run contributed to my base building for Sundown 84km. Wolfed down a full bowl of the popular fishball noodles at Tiong Bahru market, and still felt hungry. StarDust actually ate You Tiao and other fried foods, on top of his self-made fried rice...he too was one hungry bloke. So was DO and PS...haha!

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