Saturday, March 01, 2008

Showers Of Blessings

The wedding couple's entourage

Woke up early this Saturday in anticipation of the wedding run of tktan and doreen (doraemon_red). Brokie had already laid out the plans, and I was to pick her up from Kent Ridge park....dim chi this matchmaker blur blur went to Guild House instead. So Bev practised Tai Chi, whilst DO and I discussed about compression tights. Finally Borkie arrived, and unloaded the sabotage tool - a fancy, foldable bike with nifty, tiny, I got worried for tktan then...haha.

Drove up to NUS Guild House, the meeting point where it all began for the lovely couple, those long slopey runs, hot rod hearts and flying sparks in the nights. The gang were there, waiting in anticipation...Raven, wend88, Ronnie, Hophling, Cheow12, Cokiee, DeepCruiser, StarDust, Freddy, and of course the main actor and actress, tktan and xdd. While we assembled the bike, along came the recently-wed couple of IronmanDreamer and YeeHua, then the final 2 characters, SportsVenturer and AndyGoh, carrying 2 heart-shaped 'love' balloons...arh-erm, both happened to be guys lah! The stage was set. tktan was to ride the bicycle with his lovely bride by the side, together going through some rough terrain, just like experiencing the trials and tribulations of marriage life, and working as a couple to go through thick and thin to emerge stronger and ever so loving.

As tktan rode along towards the familiar NUS Hill Route to Haw Par Villa, he sang love songs along with the chorus from his lovely bride...."The lady in red....oh ooh ahh oooh oooh", it went something like that...hehe. Took some nice shots with meaningful words in the background at HPV. Then it was to the first real challenge for the couple - up the steep Vigilante Drive on small wheels, with the couple connected together....a most touching moment as both tktan and xdd took turns to ride the bike up those challenging slopes, twisting and turning, grinding the small wheels with some vehicles passing close by. With the group cheering them on, clapping and shouting, they finally reached the was sheer victory, and with a nice long kiss lasting 30seconds, they took each other's breath away....she collapsing in his arms on top of the tank :)

Then the showers came...we decided to challenge the couple even more. tktan had to piggy-back xdd up a long flight of stairs up to the 'love' Pavilion. It was a happening session up there, with the couple mouth-feeding one another fruits, and spilling out many of the secrets of how they first met, and when the sparks actually started...hmm, this is becoming like a love story, rather than a run account...aiya, nvm! When the rain abated, we proceeded to the canopy walk, where the matchmaker had to perform her 'duites' to earn that big ang pow....and Brokie did very well lah!

We took shelter at the Canopy Walk as the rain had become very heavy. While waiting, Adrian Mok ran past en-route to office....he was stopped to take a photo with the happy couple. When the rain got even heavier, we decided to give tktan a break, as he had been most sporting and performed very well....even the heavens were with him, as if telling us to stop his misery...haha. Brokie, DO and Bev stayed behind to pack the bike, while the rest of us ran back 3km with the couple. The moment we got out from the Canopy and back in Kent Ridge Park, the rain abated and then stopped....amazing.

We had a good run and chat about the couple's wedding plans and their new abode....sounded very nice....already people are thinking of a part 2 for this tekan, since this one was sort of not completed...haha. We all had a good wash-up after a short thank-you speech by the couple, and proceeded to Formosa Taiwan Delights for some good food. SV made a very nice photo holder for the couple. We too got some nice gifts from Raven, who had just come back from a wonderful trip in Tokyo. I can now look forward for more tekaning on the actual wedding dinner hearty congratulations and best wishes to tktan and Doreen on their happy, joyous marriage!

The Wedding Video, Coutesy Brokie & StarDust

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At 1:11 PM, Blogger passion said...

wow~ a 30sec kiss! reading it even took my breath away! =p
too bad i wasnt there 2 congratulate e lovely couple in person. =(


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