Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back To The Zoo...

There were no runs at SAFRA MF for this decided to do the aniMILES route to the zoo. Wanted to do a LSD pace in preparation for Sundown in May. DO, StarDust, kk, Cheow12 was at the start point...waited 5min for DeepCruiser before starting off at 5:35am. The actual aniMILES group had started off just a while ago, running in a group at a steady pace...heard they were tapering for the upcoming ironman event.

We decided to take the Seletar Reservoir way after Cheow12 assured us the dogs there were tame...hehe. It was quite cool this morning, and as we passed along the recent fatal accident spot along OUTR, I could even feel a chill on my spine...I was the last man then, with the rest just slightly ahead...I was just hoping not to hear additional footsteps behind me *shudder*. Otherwise, I took it easy, and was conscious about running at a pace that might be sustainable for at least 50km. We lost StarDust, Cheow12 and kk as we moved along upper Thomson Road, then turning into Seletar Reservoir.

Took a quick break at the Reservoir toilet, before proceeding at a steady pace along Mandai Road. Met the aniMILES runners, notme, SC5, shin hwee, Anna et al on their return...exchanged morning greetings. Along Mandai Road, I heard some faint footsteps behind me...I thought it was just my imagination...When i looked back, I saw a white figure just behind me...yikes! He waved to me...aiya, it was DeepCruiser...I waved him on, and he happily overtook...I was awoken then...hehe. Reached the end of the road leading to the zoo in 1hr15min. It had been a while since I ran into the was an opportunity to remember Ah Meng and the other Orang Utan who had recently passed away as I reached the entrance of the Zoo. StarDust, Cheow12 and kk had earlier U-turned. DO and Deep went to the Zoo toilet, while I decided to proceed out.

From then, I was all alone running at my comfy pace. I soaked in the sights as dawn broke. I was thinking a lot about the boredom one had to endure for long runs...was thinking how to survive the 10-12hrs at Sundown 84km if I were to run mostly alone. Before long, I turned right from Mandai Road onto the Mandai Colabarium way heading back to Seletar Reservoir. Deep was not far behind me, also running his own pace. A few large groups of cyclists forced us onto the grass verge at various points. I was contemplating if I should try out the iShuffle or the Creative gadget....preferably, one with radio to keep me entertained during very long runs alone.

After about 21km, I was still feeling ok. I tried not to push the pace, and imagined I had to run for another 30km. I was soon back at Seletar reservoir toilet, and bumped into Kayano (in his very stylo 2XU skin suit)...he started his run at 6:30am, and was also heading to the zoo. Met a group of senior citizens who had gathered for morning exercises....many came in luxurious cars...hmm. The remaining 6km back was rather uneventful, with me trying to gauge my fuel tank. I had felt quite hungry earlier on...hmm, struck me that I might want to carbo-load for a few days at the next long run to see if the effects are better.

My legs were still feeling good....that was important, as I paced myself all the way to the finish, approx. 2hr50min total time-on-feet. Total distance should be 29km (using MapMyRun), since I ran both ways via Seletar Reservoir. The feeling was good, with reserves in me to continue for probably another 15-20km. StarDust, kk, Cheow12 and Deep were already back. Went to get some choco milk for recovery...yummy. DO came back soon, stopped for a hile to top-up his fuel tank, before continuing to run home. Deep too ran back home. They must have covered easily 35km.

Distance: 29km__Time: 2hr50min__Pace: 5:50min/km

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