Saturday, January 26, 2008

SgRunners' Banana Relay

SgRunners @ Banana Relay 2008

The Banana Relay Mascot

In the course of our serious training runs and competitive races, it is good to take some time out to 'slack' and do some fun and social runs, to enjoy ourselves and get to know more folks in the running community who share a common passion and sometimes, vision as us.

The SgRunner's Relay was one such event, mooted by IronmanDreamer, to promote the 'spirit' of running for fun...hehe. When I first heard about it, I didn't know what to expect, and didn't sign up immediately as I usually do for other runs. As the date got nearer, I found that there was a good buildup of very new runners who have signed up, and I thought it was good for me to participate and join in the fun as well....anyway, what harm could a banana do yah?

Went down to ECP near MacD with xdd and tktan. Immediately bumped into loon, Meteor, Alvo and then TarePanda. Was surprised to see Tey of Pacesetters fame who travelled from KL to Sing overnight just to come support the race, and take photos for the whole event *salute*

It was nice to meet up with so many lively and energetic SgRunners....soon found my Team C members, katlai and spore_striker. Took a nice photo, and began chatting about our lah, just run and more importantly, look good at the finish :). Nike was there, sponsoring nice goodies, and organizing a shoe trial. Got myself the latest Air Pegasus, which had good forefoot cushioning...thanks to Duane and Sacha for the recommendations.

Lots of good food, fruits, milo and isotonic drinks were laid out. The mods were all busy getting the teams in place. IMD gave a clear brief, and the race started at about 8am. It was more like a carnival atmosphere as we chatted, got to know new people, while waiting for our team-mates to return. Then it was my turn to take over the banana from spore_striker. Sling_Runner had earlier returned in a crazily fast time for the 3km lap. It was tough for me to chiong from a cold start, but I managed to keep a steady pace, waving to those who were on opposite sides. Prata was not too far from me, and I heard that he fell into a drain on the return leg while beo-ing some chop-chop...haha...of course he told me he was trying to overtake me, and missed the drain...not very believable lah...haha.

I finished my lap in about 13min...went for nice iced milo, walked around, chit-chatted even more, and cheered for those coming back...many spectacles and stories, which I will leave to the others to explain more. I was soaking in the 'fun' atmosphere and food, as the sun was emerging. The second lap had me trailing Prata, and I was contented to just maintain that distance as he powered away. It was good to see Passion pacing meimei, Taz and his team at the u-turn point, many of the new runners smiling as they were completing the final leg...all very happy. I ensured there weren't people around me as I finish slowly, holding out my banana as evidence of a satisfying end to our banana relay conquest :)

Gathered my team for a good finisher photo, and on for more milo and 100plus. All the teams finished by 10am+. We gathered to cut a bdae cake for Freddy, followed by medal presentation to the teams. My team returned a respectable mid 13th position, and vowed to do even better for the next 'fruits' run...haha. The team of Freddy, Kayano and NamSong returned as inaugural Banana Champions...well done! Each team was presented with a very nice finisher's medal, Nike sports towel and squirt bottle. Lucky Draw was conducted, and the lucky couple turned out to be Alvo & Meteor.

By the end of the event at 11.30am, each of us had medals and goodies to take home in remembrance of such a 'happening' run with a unique relay format. Those who had trialed the Nike shoes and were happy with the performance, was given a pleasant surprise...thanks! I hope this is only the first of the 'fruits' run...hmm, I saw water-melons being served...can that be the theme next? someone mentioned durian on the way... LMAO.gif

Some of the newer batch of runners like TarePanda, StarDust and DeepCruiser were beo-ing the SgRunners running kit some of us had on, and they implore the committee to look at having another new sets for sale, with the latest taglines, and of course, some 'sexy' and distinctive colours...well, lets hope their prayers will be answered rolleyes.gif

Overall, a most enjoyable and memorable run....well done SgRunners!

Photo Album from Tey

Photo Slideshow from jjch

Photo Slideshow from Brokie

Photo Slideshow from Passion

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At 4:23 PM, Blogger Sling Runner said...

Very nice & prompt FR. It was nice to finally meet the famous Dream Runner :)

sling Runner

At 7:52 PM, Blogger The Dream Runner said...

Sling, it was great to meet u in person...and watch your smoke as u crossed the lap-line :)


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