Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CNY Celebrations Week

Started the week with a series of short runs, getting warmed up after the CNY celebrations, and hoping to shed the excesses of the daily CNY intake of large meals, interspersed with lots of cookies and cakes.

Tuesday: The first run after CNY at SAFRA MF. Because of the upcoming HK Marathon, the training this week has been pared down to some lighter runs, albeit still with some hills. The menu this evening was to run the official MF 10km route, going up the Mt. Faber via the steeper side of Kampong Bahru. It had been some time since I went up those slopes...good for burning off the CNY excesses..:) The turnout was ok, many still not back from CNY, and some are already tapering for their upcoming marathons. After a round of exchanging festive greetings, we set off readily along Henderson Rd. The pace was quite fast...maybe most have rested well during the hols. My legs felt light, as I ran alone, leaving Bev to join cm, Adam and Rosemary. I felt ok as I chugged up the Kg. Bahru slopes....reached the top feeling quite good. Principal's sis was doing very well, running ahead of me. Took a quick water break at the top of MF, before descending and finishing up at the MF ClubHouse, via Telok Blangah Rise....elapsed time 53min....not fast, but ok for a training run.

Distance: 10km__Time: 53min

Wednesday: Had the good fortune to join the NUS Hill Runners for the Ren-Ri Run (R3) celebrate everybody's birthday! This evening saw the induction of 4 new members to the much-sought-after NUS Hill Runners Club, after they managed to complete the challenging official 12km NUS Hills Route, plus attending the awards dinner afterwards. Congratulations to Jodan, Rory, BioSynthesis and Hophling. Brokie, StarDust, dkw, xdd, tktan, wend88. Freddy and myself were the regulars who joined in the celebration run.

I had a nice run in cool weather, enjoying every bit of the challenging slopes of Haw Par Villa, Vigilante Drive and Prince George's Park. Ran with Rory for most of the first part till the PGP slopes, where I guided BioSynthesis to the end point from there. StarDust, Freddy, dkw, Brokie provided much of the leadership at the front. xdd and tktan played very good 'sweeping' roles. A very conditioned and gung-ho group of new runners, and the pace was not in the least bit slow...very good workout. Could not join the group for the Lao YuSheng dinner and Awards Ceremony as I had to 'scuttle' off for a dinner....shall wait for the photos :)

Distance: 12km__Time: 1hr14min

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